Chaumet - History - Chaumet Art Deco Period (1885-1944)

Chaumet Art Deco Period (1885-1944)

In 1885, Joseph Chaumet (1852-1928) married Marie, the daughter of Prosper Morel, thus taking control of the House. The Renaissance style was still used, in particular for tiaras, very much in vogue at the time, which Chaumet would make one of its specialities; but Chaumet also drew inspiration from Japanese art, which was gaining popularity in jewellery design at the time.

In 1907, the workshops and boutique were set up at 12 place Vendôme, which they would never leave.

Marcel Chaumet (1886-1964) succeeded his father Joseph en 1928, at the height of the ‘Art Deco’ period. The jewellery House participated in the 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, becoming a leader in this trend. Jewellery was more geometric, following the ‘boyish style’ of the 1920s, becoming more feminine during the 1930s. Colours, materials and fine gems were imperative for jewellery. From the twenties onwards, the renown of the jewellery House spread to the world of the arts and show business. In 1934, Maison Chaumet sponsored the establishment of the young jeweller Pierre Sterlé, who was already designing its jewellery. In the same year the House closed, only to re-open at the end of the Second World War

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