Chariton High School

Coordinates: 41°01′08″N 93°18′25″W / 41.019°N 93.307°W / 41.019; -93.307 Chariton High School is located in Chariton, Iowa. There are 472 students grades 9-12 as of 2009. The student-teacher ratio is 13:9. There are students from six towns including Chariton, Russell, Iowa, Derby, Iowa, Williamson, Iowa, Lucas, Iowa, and Oakley, Iowa. Athletic teams of Chariton High School are known as the Chargers. School colors have changed over the years. Currently the school colors are Red and White, though many uniforms are trimmed in silver.

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    Young people of high school age can actually feel themselves changing. Progress is almost tangible. It’s exciting. It stimulates more progress. Nevertheless, growth is not constant and smooth. Erik Erikson quotes an aphorism to describe the formless forming of it. “I ain’t what I ought to be. I ain’t what I’m going to be, but I’m not what I was.”
    Stella Chess (20th century)

    Children in home-school conflict situations often receive a double message from their parents: “The school is the hope for your future, listen, be good and learn” and “the school is your enemy. . . .” Children who receive the “school is the enemy” message often go after the enemy—act up, undermine the teacher, undermine the school program, or otherwise exercise their veto power.
    James P. Comer (20th century)

    As I walked on the glacis I heard the sound of a bagpipe from the soldiers’ dwellings in the rock, and was further soothed and affected by the sight of a soldier’s cat walking up a cleated plank in a high loophole designed for mus-catry, as serene as Wisdom herself, and with a gracefully waving motion of her tail, as if her ways were ways of pleasantness and all her paths were peace.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)