Chang Dsu Yao - Chang School

Chang School

In Italy, people referred to Chang Dsu Yao teachings as “the School of Chang” or “Chang Kungfu”. This school is divided in two sections: Wai Chia and Neijia.

  • Wai Chia
  • From Chung-yang Kwo-shü Kwan 中央國術館 di Nankin:
Kung Li Ch'üan 功力拳.
a style named Lien Pu Ch'üan 練歩拳, which is a simplified version of Meihuaquan, created in Italy and that takes the name of the famous set in Chung-yang Kwo-shü Kwan;
a set named "5 Shaolin" ("Mei Hwa Ch'üan Lao Chia" 梅花拳老架, known in Taiwan as Mei Hwa Ch'üan I-lu Chia);

"Ti Kung Ch'üan" 地功拳 o "Ti T'ang Ch'üan" 地膛拳;

other Mei Hwa Ch'üan sets (erlujia 二路架, sanlujia 三路架, ecc.);
pair exercise named "Po Chi" 搏擊 in Italy, and in Cina and in Taiwan named Tuei Ta 對打.
  • From Hung Ch'üan 洪拳:
"Hsiao Hung Ch'üan" 小洪拳;
"Ta Hung Ch'üan" 大洪拳.
  • From Ch'i Hsing T'ang Lang Ch'üan 七星螳螂拳:
the set "Pêng Pü Ch'üan" 崩歩拳.
  • From Pa Chi Ch'üan 八極拳: "Tan Ta Shang Chia" 單打上架
a set from Yüeh Chia Ch'üan 岳家拳
a set from Tsui Pa Hsien Ch'üan 醉八仙拳
  • Neijia
T'ai chi ch'uan 楊式太極拳:
Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan 108 postures form;
T'uei Shou 推手;
Shan Shou閃手;
Ch'in Na擒拿;
Ta Lu 大捋;
San Shou 散手.
Hsing I Ch'üan 形意拳
Wu Hsing Ch'üan 五行拳.
Fu Style Pa Kwa Chang (Fu Chen Sung style):
Lung Hsing Pa Kwa Chang 龍形八卦掌;
Liang style I Ch'üan 兩儀拳;
Ssu Hsiang Ch'üan 四象拳.
  • Ch'i Kung

In Chang Dsu Yao School there are three exercise named Pa Tüan Chin 八段錦. The first is classic Pa Tüan Chin, the other two are modern Stretching.

  • Weapons

After the graduation in Black Belt there are the study of many weapons and pair exercises with weapons. Also Weapons teaching is divided into Wai Chia and Neijia.

  • For Wai Chia, this directory came from the book "Enciclopedia del Kungfu Shaolin":
Pang 棒;
Kun 棍;
Tan Tao 單刀;
Kwai 枴;
Shuang Chieh Kun 雙節棍;
Kwan Tao 關刀;
ch'iang 槍.

Duilian Bingxie (weapons in pair exercises):

Pang tuei Pang 棒對棒;
Kun tuei Kun 棍對棍;
Tan Tao tuei Pang 單刀對棒;
Tan Tao tuei Kun 單刀對棍;
Pang tuei Kun 棒對棍;
Kwai tuei Kun 枴對棍;
Shuang Chieh Kun dui Pang 雙節棍對棒;
Gun tuei Shuang Chieh Kun 棍對雙節棍;
Kwai tuei Tan Tao 枴對單刀.
  • For Neijia, weapons came from Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan:
T'ai Chi Tao 太極刀;
T'ai Chi Kun 太極棍;
T'ai Chi Ch'iang 太極槍;
T'ai Chi T'ieh Ch'ih 太極鐵尺;
T'ai Chi Chien 太極劍.

Duilian Bingxie (weapons in pair exercises):

T'ai Chi Tao tuei T'ai Chi Tao 太極刀對太極刀;
T'ai Chi Kun tuei T'ai Chi Kun 太極棍對太極棍;
T'ai Chi Tao tuei T'ai Chi Kun 太極刀對太極棍;
T'ai Chi Tao tuei T'ai Chi Ch'iang 太極刀對太極槍;
T'ai Chi Kun tuei T'ai Chi Ch'iang 太極棍對太極槍;
T'ai Chi Ch'iang tuei T'ai Chi Ch'iang 太極槍對太極槍;
T'ai Chi Chien tuei T'ai Chi Chien 太極劍對太極劍;
T'ai Chi T'ieh Ch'ih tuei T'ai Chi Kun 太極鐵尺對太極棍;
T'ai Chi T'ieh Ch'ih tuei T'ai Chi Ch'iang 太極鐵尺對太極槍.

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