Chandannagore Subdivision - Legislative Segments

Legislative Segments

As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal:

  • The area under the Chandannagar municipal corporation and the Bhadreswar municipality will form the Chandannagar assembly constituency of West Bengal.
  • The Champdani municipality will be part of the area defining the Champdani assembly constituency.
  • Thirteen gram panchayats under the Singur block—Anandanagar, Bagdanga Chinamore, Baruipara Paltagarh, Beraberi, Bighati, Bainchipota, Bora, Borai Pahalampur, Gopalnagar, Mirzapur Bankipur, Nasibpur, Singur–I and Singur–II—will be part of the Singur assembly constituency.
  • The other three gram panchayats under the Singur block, viz. Balarambati, Basubati and Kamarkundu Gopalnagar Daluigachha, along with the area under the Haripal block will form the area defining the Haripal assembly constituency.
  • The Tarakeswar block and the municipal area under Tarakeswar will be part of the Tarakeswar assembly constituency.
  • The Champdani constituency will be an assembly segment of the Sreerampur (Lok Sabha constituency).
  • The constituencies of Singur and Chandannagar will be assembly segments of the Hooghly (Lok Sabha constituency).
  • The constituencies of Haripal and Tarakeswar will be assembly segments of the Arambag (Lok Sabha constituency), which will be reserved for Scheduled castes (SC) candidates.

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