Chan Ho-nam

Chan Ho-nam (陳浩南), or "Young Nam" (靚仔南) is a fictional character in the Young and Dangerous film series. He is the Causeway Bay branch leader of the Hong Kong triad group, Hung Hing.

His gang includes Chicken (Jordan Chan), Tai Tin Yee (Michael Tse), Pau Pei (Jerry Lamb), Chau Pei (Jason Chu) and Banana Skin (Jason Chu). Their focus is on internal squabbling within the triad spearheaded by Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng). Ho nam is a noble fictional character in the hit comic-adapted movie Young and Dangerous. He is played by Ekin Cheng and in the prequel, played by Nicholas Tse. He has had many girlfriends in the course of his life. He is one with dashing good looks and a bold character which eventually leads him to success. He is also known for having a big dragon tattoo on his chest. From puny Hung Hing triad boy to Chairman of the Hung Hing society, doing million-dollar business throughout the Asian continent and more. He is a notable fighter in the past and because of his bravery, has triggered much conflict with enemies in and outside of Hung Hing. Though the most notable being his first, Ugly Kwan. It is noted that at the end of Young and Dangerous 5, while fighting his rival Szeto Ho Nam he also invented a finishing move called "the God of Lighning Kick", which sends Szeto sprawling onto the ground. After doing so, he says to him in cantonese one of his famous quotes "Theres only one Ho Nam in Causeway Bay". Nam is also portrayed as a very cool character and the movies make triads look righteous. The triad "Hung Hing" that Chan Ho Nam is in follows an honor code set before them by the late leaders of the "Hung Hing" Triad.

Ekin Cheng also sings the song "Gen Sum Tai Doi Lei", which is played at the most prolific moment in Young and Dangerous 3, when his Fiancee "Smartie" gets shot by one of his nemesis "Crow". A lot of people who reviewed this particular movie have said it is one of the saddest moments in the entire series.

Wong Jing has recently announced that he is producing a remake of Young and Dangerous titled Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (古惑仔之江湖新秩序), Chan Ho Nam will be played by Him Law.