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Puffin Island (Alaska)
... This island is located 3.3 km (2.1 mi) NW of Chamisso Island, 58 mi (93 km) ... Puffin Island is a steep rock and, though much smaller than Chamisso Island, it has many more nesting birds on its surface, especially horned puffins ... Both islands are part of the Chamisso Wilderness in the Chukchi Sea unit of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge ...
Pinus Patula - Taxonomic Notes
... patula Schiede ex Schlechtendal et Chamisso var ... Pinus patula Schiede ex Schlechtendal et Chamisso var ... patula Schiede ex Schlechtendal et Chamisso var ...
Author Citation (botany) - Basic Citation (simplest Form)
... the abbreviation "Cham." refers to the botanist Adelbert von Chamisso and "Schldl." to the botanist Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal these ... Rubus ursinus von Chamisso von Schlechtendal Rubus ursinus von Chamisso et von Schlechtendal ...
Adelbert Von Chamisso - Life
... His name appears in several forms, one of the most common being Ludolf Karl Adalbert von Chamisso ... out by the French Revolution, his parents settled in Berlin, where in 1796 young Chamisso obtained the post of page-in-waiting to the queen, and in 1798 entered a Prussian infantry regiment as ensign ... In 1815, Chamisso was appointed botanist to the Russian ship Rurik, fitted out at the expense of Count Nikolay Rumyantsev, which Otto von Kotzebue (son of August von Kotzebue) commanded on ...
Chamisso Island
... Chamisso Island is a small island in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska ... The highest point on Chamisso Island is 226 feet (68.9 m) above sea level ... Chamisso Island has been a Natural Reserve since December 7, 1912 ...

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    There lived a sage in days of yore,
    And he a handsome pigtail wore;
    But wondered much, and sorrowed more,
    Because it hung behind him.
    —Adelbert Von Chamisso (1781–1838)