Chamera Dam

The Chamera Dam impounds the River Ravi and supports the hydroelectricity project in the region. It is located near the town of Dalhousie, in the Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India The reservoir of the dam is the Chamera Lake.

After completion of the first phase, the Chamera dam generates 540 MW of electricity. The second stage of Chamera dam i.e. Chamera-II Dam generates 300 MW of electricity.From year 2012, the 3rd stage of Chamera Dam is also under operation. The chamera-III Dam generates 231 MW (3x77) of electricity.

The unique feature of the region is the fluctuating day and night temperature. The temperature during the day near the dam rises up to 35 degrees Celsius and drops to a minimum of 18 to 20 °C at night.

The water level in the Chamera Lake rises to a maximum of 763 meters while the minimum water level is 747 meters.

The absence of aquatic life in the lake has made it an ideal location for water sports. According to the plan developed by the tourism department, the lake shares the scope of sports activities like rowing, motor boating, paddle boating, sailing, canoeing, angling and kayaking. House boats and shikaras are also available. The government attempts to provide all these facilities to the tourists.

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