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Based at the Sky Camp (スカイキャンプ, Sukai Kyanpu?), a high-tech base provided by the Sky Force, Jetman can launch their mecha from it. Each Jetmen has a wing suit called the Jet Wings in order for them to glide in the air.

  • Ryu Tendoh (天堂 竜, Tendō Ryū?)/Red Hawk (レッドホーク, Reddo Hōku?): Born at May 10, 1965. He is 25-years-old at the beginning of the series, but turns 26 in episode 13. He is originally a Sky Forcer codenamed "W6" and leader of the Jetman. Being the only official to become a Jetman, his policy is to be always professional and never let feelings affect himself in battle, enforcing it to his team mates. This comes to a conflict when he discovers that his beloved Rie has become Maria, eventually coming to terms with the revelation as he resolves to save Rie from the Vyram's hold over her. However, Maria's death by his nemesis Radiguet exceeds into the final battle, quitting the team to go after Radiguet before Kaori manages to talk Ryu out of revenge by reminding him of Rie's final wish. During the final battle, Ryu has his superior and the other Jetmen to use Jet Icarus to destroy Raguem and Jet Garuda, injuring him as a result. Three years later, Ryu marries Kaori.
    • Attacks: Wing Punch (ウイングパンチ, Uingu Panchi?)
  • Kaori Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館 香, Rokumeikan Kaori?)/White Swan (ホワイトスワン, Howaito Suwan?): The 22-year-old heiress of the Rokumeikan Enterprises empire. She is taken care of by her butler, Jiiya, since her parents live in New York City. She joined the Jetman to escape the boredom of her heiress life. She is good at Kendo and is the best shot in Jetman. Kaori was in the middle of a love triangle with Ryū and Gai, learning in battle what a spoiled rich girl she was and what were the really important things. Raita also had feelings for her. She was once engaged to a wealthy businessman named Soichiro Kitaoji and was close to marrying him, but she quickly ended their relationship when she saw his selfishness in contrast to her team's selfless determination as warriors of justice. She does sometimes use her wealth to help the team, like when she used a lot of diamonds to try and snap Ako from the curse of the monster Red Diamond. At the end of the series, she marries Ryū with whom she overcome difficult times.
    • Attacks: Swan Wing (スワンウィング, Suwan Wingu?), Swannie Attack (スワニーアタック, Suwanī Atakku?), Double Kick (with Yellow Owl).
  • Raita Oishi (大石 雷太, Ōishi Raita?)/Yellow Owl (イエローオウル, Ierō Ōru?): A 22-year-old overweight, eyeglasses-wearing nature lover who enjoys vegetables, Raita hated Vyram for their destruction of nature. He was raised by his grandmother, Kiyo Ōishi, because Raita's parents were busy learning to be good at cooking. He looked after Kaori and had feelings for her, vowing to protect her even if he had no chance with her. As Yellow Owl, he specializes in raw strength techniques like head butts, body blows, sumo-based techniques, and hurling boulders. Three years after Vyram is defeated, he runs a farm with his childhood friend, Satsuki, before later taking their business to the next level via the internet.
    • Attacks: Rock Drop (岩石落とし, Ganseki Otoshi?), Deadly Thrust (必殺つっぱり, Hissatsu Tsuppari?), Condor/Owl Towering Attack, Double Kick (ダブルキック, Daburu Kikku?) (with White Swan).
  • Ako Hayasaka (早坂 アコ, Hayasaka Ako?)/Blue Swallow (ブルースワロー, Burū Suwarō?): An 18-year-old senior student at Miharakita High School, Ako was a bright and cheerful girl who wants to marry a rich man. She first thought of being a Jetman as a means to get ¥1500 per hour, but her first battle awakens her sense of justice and made her realize that she must fight as a warrior. She is best friends with her classmate, Kyōko, who learned of her true identity during the voice Jigen incident. From the Gomi Jigen incident, the monster being her childhood toy Pootan, Ako learns of how wasteful humans can be. She debuts as an idol singer three years after the fall of Vyram.
    • Attacks: Swallow Dash (スワローダーッシュ, Suwarō Dāsshu?).
  • Gai Yuki (結城 凱, Yūki Gai?)/Black Condor (ブラックコンドル, Burakku Kondoru?): A 25-year-old second-in-command of the Jetmen, a loner who hates being told what to do. Gai loves to fight but prefers things to work out without violence. Gai's fighting styles are street fighting and mixed martial arts: his combat skills match Ryu's, though he fights dirty and hits below the belt sometimes. He initially clashes with Ryū when drafted against his will, but they eventually become friends. His interests include motorcycle, swimming, saxophone, gambling and womanizing. He loves Kaori, and often tries to flirt with her, without results, which ends up with him suffering from the frustration of his nonreciprocating feelings. When she finally accepts him, they frequently had problems in their relationship as both are too different. He is rivals with Grey. He defeated Grey in their final encounter, in which a part of his helmet was damaged. Years after the battle with Vyram ended, while buying a bouquet for Ryu and Kaori's wedding, Gai chases after a mugger. However, the mugger mortally wounds Gai by stabbing him in the stomach. He makes it to the church after the wedding party and talks to Ryu before he dies while watching everyone enjoy themselves. Two decades later, Gai's spirit returns from the afterlife to participate in the Great Legend War, and again to keep Gokaiger from disrupting his teammates' now peaceful lives by coming to them for the Grand Power of the Jetmen (which he ends up giving them himself after Captain Marvelous' courage impresses him). It's shown that the rest of Jetman still visits his grave regularly, leaving mementos like flowers and bottles of his favorite liquor.
    • Attacks: Condor Finish (コンドルフィニッシュ, Kondoru Finisshu?), Condor/Owl Towering Attack (コンドルオウルタワーリングアタック, Kondoru Ōru Tawāringu Atakku?).

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