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  • Destruction Beast Semimaru (破壊獣セミマル, Hakaijū Semimaru?) (18-24): The ultimate beast of destruction; an insectoid who is legendary for its destructive power. Juuza acquired such a monster and brought it to Earth while as an egg, feeding it enough human suffering to hatch. Though she succeeds in her plan, Juuza is killed by Radiguet who raises Semimaru from its green larval form to a red armored human-sized version before it pupates. Once it emerges, the matured winged Semimaru enlarges itself as it goes on the rampage across the city while defeating Jet Icarus until the Bird Garuda intervenes and freezes the monster. However, once the monster breaks out, it defeats Jet Garuda before leaving to heal its wounds. But Semimaru meets its end fighting the newly formed Great Icarus.
  • Majin Mu (魔神ムー, Majin Mū?) (30): A servant of Ramon and Gorg, Mu was put to sleep along with his two masters since Taiko era. Accidentally released from his urn by two lost travelers, Mu goes to find an ideal warrior to use in a blood sacrifice to free his masters. Arriving to the scene of the Jetman's fight with Radigam, Mu attacks them to pick out a suitable sacrifice and abducts Kaori to begin the ritual. However, the Jetman intervene and battle Mu as they use the Fire Bazooka on him which he endured. Finding his masters revived, Mu was killed by Gorg for being useless.
  • Majin Ramon and Gorg (魔神ラモンとゴーグ, Majin Ramon to Gōgu?) (31-32): The natural enemies of humanity, who turn humans into fruit for consummation. Sealed during the Taiko Era, they could only be released by the blood of a warrior, with Radiguet giving them his in return for their loyalty. However, the two have no interest in serving someone who harms humans as they start to feed until the Jetman intervene. Enlarging, Gorg battles Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda until the Tetra Boy arrives and defeat the demon. With Gorg mortally wounded by Jet Icarus with the Tetra Buster, Ramon attempts to absorb him. But Radiguet and Grey spirit away the dying Gorg and seed him with Bio-Dimensional Bugs before Ramon finds him, succeeding in gaining control of the fused demon lord. But even with Gorg's power augmenting his own, Ramon is defeated by the Jetman and then destroyed by the Hyper-Haken.
  • Strange Dimensional Lifeform Jigoku Medusa (異次元生命体ジゴクメドゥーサ, Kaijigen Seimeitai Jigokumedūsa?) (34): An internal defense mechanism designed to hunt down any intruders, it attacks Ryu when he infiltrates the Vylock. Enlarging to stop the Great Icarus from taking out the Dimensional Transfer Machine, it siphons the giant robot's energies to become a living bomb to take out the Jetman until the Tetra Boy intervenes and holds the monster long enough for the Great Icarus to destroy Jikgoku Medusa.
  • Trial Manufacture Robot G2 (試作ロボットG2, Shitsuku Robotto Jītsū?) (42): A yellow robot created by Tranza as a predecessor to building a means to counter the Jetman mecha, G2 suddenly malfunctioned and was used as a test dummy by the Grinams while developing a childlike mind. Escaping to Earth, G2 finds itself in the middle of Grey and Maria's hunt for Gai and Kaori. After being repaired by Grey, G2 attempts to win his love. To that end, G2 kidnaps Maria to bring to Grey. Damaged protecting Maria from a landslide, and damaged even more while trying to protect Grey from Jet Bazooka, G2 is abandoned as it plays Maria's tune before self-destructing.
  • Majin Robot Veronica (魔神ロボ ベロニカ, Majinrobo Beronika?) (43-45): The ultimate giant robot built by Tranza, it required human life energy as a power source. Upon appearing on Earth, piloted by Tranza and the other Vyram officers, Veronica wreaks havoc on the city as it defeats Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda while keeping them from forming the Great Icarus. But before Veronica could finish them off, it is damaged as a result of Radiguet's attempt to take the controls from Tranza to deal the final blow. After Grey finishes repairs, Veronica resumes its attack as the Tetra Boy arrives to hold the robot off until the Great Icarus arrives. However, Veronica damages the giant robot after its power source is revealed. By the time Veronica returns, now powered by three of the Jetman, it overpowers the Great Icarus until Radiguet's sabotage manifests. With Grey piloting Veronica as Tranza deals with Red Hawk after doing away with Radiguet, who completely drains Veronica's power as the Jetman fall back with the other captives to the Great Icarus, which uses its Bird Master in conjunction with the Tetra Boy to destroy Veronica.
  • Tomato Monarch (トマト大王, Tomato Daiō?) (46): The result of an Outer Dimensional entity called Metamol assuming the form of a nightmare from Raita's childhood when he was afraid of tomatoes, the Tomato Monarch possesses the power to turn people into tomato-headed freaks. Because it feeds on Raita's fear, this monster overpowers the Jetman as Tranza enlarges it. However, once Raita manages to overcome his childhood fear, this monster loses his power until he is reduced to a headless version of himself. This monster was destroyed by Jet Garuda.

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