Cercle Proudhon

Cercle Proudhon (Circle Proudhon) was a political group founded in France on December 16, 1911 by George Valois and Édouard Berth. The group was inspired by Georges Sorel and included French intellectuals like the French writer Pierre Drieu La Rochelle.

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French National Syndicalism - Cercle Proudhon
... For more details on this topic, see Cercle Proudhon ... The new political group, called Cercle Proudhon, was founded in 16 December 1911 ... As the name Cercle Proudhon suggests, the group was inspired by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon ...
Cercle Proudhon - History
... The first issue of Cahiers du cercle Proudhon appeared in January - February 1912 and included a Déclaration The founders - republicans, federalists, integral nationalists, and ... Many anarchists rejected the Cercle Proudhon interpretation of Proudhon's works ... For example, american mutualist anarchist Benjamin Tucker argued that Cercle Proudhon purposely misrepresented Proudhon's views, Democracy is an easy mark for this new party, and it finds its chief delight ...

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    Communism is inequality, but not as property is. Property is exploitation of the weak by the strong. Communism is exploitation of the strong by the weak.
    —Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809–1865)