Central Uplift

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Origin of Kebira Crater
... We drove past the 'central uplift' along its western edge, then drove into the central part ... It is evident, that what is considered the 'central uplift' is in fact nothing more than an eroded outlier of the Gilf, the undisturbed horizontal bedding being clearly ... the crater area, looking at the western edge of the central uplift area of the 'crater' ...
Oudemans (crater)
... The central uplift of Oudemans exposes layered rock that may be sedimentary ... Layered rock exposed in the central uplifts are common in terrestrial impact structures, and there is abundant layering exposed in the nearby Valles Marineris ... in Valles Marineris and in the Oudemans central uplift may prove that they are similar rock types that share the same origin ...

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    Religious faith is a most filling vapor.
    It swirls occluded in us under tight
    Compression to uplift us out of weight....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    The best laws cannot make a constitution work in spite of morals; morals can turn the worst laws to advantage. That is a commonplace truth, but one to which my studies are always bringing me back. It is the central point in my conception. I see it at the end of all my reflections.
    Alexis de Tocqueville (1805–1859)