Central Moldavian Plateau

The Central Moldavian Plateau (Romanian: Podişul Moldovei Centrale), or Codru Massif (Romanian: Masivul Codru) is a geographic area in Moldova. It is the central and SE part of the Moldavian Plateau. It has elevations that in the N-S direction decrease in altitude from 400 m to under 200 m.

The Central Moldavian Plateau is composed of:

  • Ciuluc-Soloneţ Hills (Romanian: Dealurile Ciuluc-Soloneţ), alongated in the north along the right side of the Răut river, 1,690 km²
  • Corneşti Hills (Romanian: Dealurile Corneştilor), also known as Cordi Hills (Romanian: Dealurile Codrilor), 4,740 km²
  • Lower Dniester Hills, or South Bessarabia Plateau (Romanian: Dealurile Nistrului Inferior; Podişul Basarabiei de Sud), alongated to the south of the Botna river, 3,040 km²
  • Tigheci Hills (Romanian: Dealurile Tigheciului), alongated in the south along the left side of the Prut river, 3,550 km²
  • between the latter and the Prut river lies the Lower Prut Valley (Romanian: Valea Prutului Inferior), 1,810 km²

The natural vegetation of the Central Moldavian Plateau is characterized by forests, known as Codru (singular) or Codri (plural). It is also an area proper for vineyards.

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