Centimetres Long

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Acacia Kempeana - Description
... These are a bright green colour, flat, up to nine centimetres long and 1½ centimetres wide ... in cylindrical clusters between one and two centimetres long ... The pods are papery, about seven centimetres long and 1½ centimetres wide ...
Scipionyx - Paleobiology - Food
... found allow to reconstruct a sequence of food intakes first a four to five centimetres long fish secondly a smaller fish of two to three centimetres ... If the prey animal in the stomach really was forty centimetres long, it is highly unlikely that the equally-sized hatchling had been able to subdue it, indicating parental care ...
Acacia Ramulosa Var. Linophylla
... shrub or low tree, up to four metres long and often wider than it is high ... held almost vertically they may be up to thirteen centimetres long and two millimetres in diameter ... The pods are thick and woody, up to ten centimetres long and one centimetre wide, with deep fissures along their length ...

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