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Apostasia Of 1965 - The July Apostasy
... was followed by many dissidents from the Center Union (the infamous apostates, most prominent amongst whom was the future Prime Minister, Konstantinos Mitsotakis) and conservative ERE MPs, but not enough to ... the active leader of the National Radical Union and still supposed to organize a fair election ... There were many indications that Papandreou's Center Union would not be able to form a working government by itself in the scheduled elections ...
Apostasia Of 1965 - Background - The Center Union Comes To Power
... various factions of the liberal centrist political forces, known then in Greece simply as the "Center", joined together in a new political party, the Center Union (EK), which was aimed ... However, Papandreou and other Center Union politicians, as well as the leftist EDA started claiming that Karamanlis' election victory was largely due to "violence and ... A general election in late 1963 resulted in Center Union coming first, although without achieving an absolute majority ...
List Of Defence Ministers Of Greece - Ministers For National Defence, 1950–present
27 February 1956 Aristeidis Protopapadakis 29 February 2 ... March 1958 National Radical Union Sotirios Stergiopoulos 5 March 17 ... May 1958 Konstantinos Karamanlis 17 May 1958 20 ... Military regime Evangelos Averoff 26 July 19 ... October 1981 National Radical Union (1974) New Democracy (1974–81) Andreas Papandreou 21 October 25 ... April 1986 ...
Speaker Of The Hellenic Parliament - List of Speakers - Second Period of The Constitutional Monarchy, 1946–1967
16, 1953 September 26, 1963 Greek Rally, later National Radical Union Ilias Tsirimokos December 17, 1963 January 8, 1964 Center Union Georgios Athanasiadis-Novas March 19, 1964 July 15, 1965 Center Union Resigned ...

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    To emancipate [the slaves] entirely throughout the Union cannot, I conceive, be thought of, consistently with the safety of the country.
    Frances Trollope (1780–1863)

    Louise Bryant: I’m sorry if you don’t believe in mutual independence and free love and respect.
    Eugene O’Neill: Don’t give me a lot of parlor socialism that you learned in the village. If you were mine, I wouldn’t share you with anybody or anything. It would be just you and me. You’d be at the center of it all. You know it would feel a lot more like love than being left alone with your work.
    Warren Beatty (b. 1937)