Center Tap

In electronics, a center tap is a connection made to a point halfway along a winding of a transformer or inductor, or along the element of a resistor or a potentiometer. Taps are sometimes used on inductors for the coupling of signals, and may not necessarily be at the half-way point, but rather, closer to one end. A common application of this is in the Hartley oscillator. Inductors with taps also permit the transformation of the amplitude of alternating current (AC) voltages for the purpose of power conversion, in which case, they are referred to as autotransformers, since there is only one winding. An example of an autotransformer is an automobile ignition coil. Potentiometer tapping provides one or more connections along the device's element, along with the usual connections at each of the two ends of the element, and the slider connection. Potentiometer taps allow for circuit functions that would otherwise not be available with the usual construction of just the two end connections and one slider connection.

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Center Tap - Common Applications of Center-tapped transformers
... In a rectifier, a center-tapped transformer and two diodes can form a full-wave rectifier that allows both half-cycles of the AC waveform to contribute to the direct current, making it smoother than a half-wave ... Center-tapped two-diode rectifiers were a common feature of power supplies in vacuum tube equipment ... watts total output) which produces the same quality of DC as the center-tapped configuration with a more compact and cheaper power transformer ...
Split-phase Electric Power - Connections
... The output (secondary) winding is center-tapped and the center tap connected to a grounded neutral ... case, the transformer voltage is 120 V on either side of the center tap, giving 240 V between the two live conductors, shown as V1 and V2 in Fig ... V delta connected system, in which one winding of the transformer has a center tap which is connected to ground and used as the system neutral ...

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