Center For Maritime Archaeology and Conservation (CMAC)

The Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation (CMAC) was created in May 2005 by the regents of Texas A&M University.

CMAC supports the Nautical Archaeology Program (NAP) in the Department of Anthropology and strengthens the position of the NAP as the leading program in nautical and maritime archaeology. CMAC encompasses eight laboratories which foster interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs:

  • Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL)
  • Archaeological Preservation Laboratory (APRL)
  • Archaeo-Genomics Laboratory
  • J. Richard Steffy Ship Reconstruction Laboratory
  • New World Laboratory
  • Old World Laboratory (OWL)
  • Ship Model Laboratory
  • Wilder Imaging Laboratory

CMAC provides direction and coordination to scholars worldwide in projects related to nautical archaeology, maritime archaeology, underwater archaeology, or conservation of material recovered from marine or other aqueous environments. CMAC plays a leading role in disseminating the results of nautical archaeology research to both scientists and the general public through the Studies in Nautical Archaeology Series published by Texas A&M University Press, as well as through journal publications and internet presence.

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