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Asymmetric Cell Division - Asymmetric Division in Development
... Animals are made up of a vast number of distinct cell types ... During development, the zygote undergoes many cell divisions that give rise to various cell types, including embryonic stem cells ... Asymmetric divisions of these embryonic cells gives rise to one cell of the same potency (self-renewal), and another that maybe of the same potency or stimulated to further differentiate into specialized cell types ...
P300-CBP Coactivator Family - Mouse Models
... Interestingly, data suggest that some cell types can tolerate loss of CBP or p300 better than the whole organism can ... Mouse B cells or T cells lacking either CBP and p300 protein develop fairly normally, but B or T cells that lack both CBP and p300 fail to develop in vivo ... Together, the data indicate that, while individual cell types require different amounts of CBP and p300 to develop or survive and some cell types are more tolerant of loss of CBP or ...
Proton ATPase - Physiological Roles in Plants
... Plasma membrane H+ -ATPases are found throughout the plant in all cell types investigated, but some cell types have much higher concentrations of H+ -ATPase than others ... In general, these cell types are specialised for intensive active transport and accumulate solutes from their surroundings ... and root hairs are examples of plant tip-growing systems, where a single cell expands in one direction only ...
Cell Therapy - Embryonic Stem Cells - Use of HESCs in Research
... Current research focuses on differentiating hESC into a variety of cell types for eventual use as cell replacement therapies (CRTs) ... Some of the cell types that have or are currently being developed include cardiomyocytes (CM), neurons, hepatocytes, bone marrow cells, islet cells and ... However, the derivation of such cell types from hESCs is not without obstacles and hence current research is focused on overcoming these barriers ...
Stem Cell Controversy - Background
... Since stem cells have the ability to differentiate into almost any type of cell, they offer something in the development of medical treatments for a ... Yet further treatments using stem cells could potentially be developed thanks to their ability to repair extensive tissue damage ... levels of success and potential have been shown from research using adult stem cells ...

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