CBS/Fox Video - History - Reissues Under Different Labels

Reissues Under Different Labels

Many CBS/Fox titles are out of print, or have been reissued under different labels.

20th Century Fox now directly handles its own film and TV library.

CBS Home Entertainment, with distribution by Paramount Home Entertainment, handles the programming assets of CBS, including films from CBS Theatrical Films and predecessor companies like Cinema Center Films, the TV series produced by CBS Television Studios, and the pre-1960 Desilu Productions library. Paramount distributes the Viacom-owned film library in-house.

As for films licensed from other companies, these are the current rights holders:

  • MGM/UA Entertainment Co.: MGM Home Entertainment
  • TriStar Pictures: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • BBC Video: 2 Entertain/Warner Home Video
  • ABC Pictures: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment
  • ITC Entertainment: Lions Gate Entertainment (50%, previously Artisan Entertainment) and Universal Studios Home Entertainment (50%)
  • Pre-1950 WB films, Lorimar: Warner Home Video, with the former library handled in conjunction with sister company Turner Entertainment (successor-in-interest to Associated Artists Productions )
  • Muppet releases (except for The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets From Space): Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
  • Short Circuit: Image Entertainment
  • Media Home Entertainment: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Wallace & Gromit releases: HiT Entertainment

Today, MGM Home Entertainment releases are distributed by Fox as well.

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