Cavalry Mechanized Group

Cavalry Mechanized Group

A cavalry-mechanized group was a type of military formation used in the Red Army during World War II against Germany and Japan.

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Battle Of Debrecen - Confusion Reigns
... This action by Fretter-Pico cut off the three corps of Cavalry Mechanized Group Pliyev ... Malinovsky, realising the danger to Pliyev's group, halted his attack in the south and focused all his forces on reaching the trapped mobile group ... On 11 October 1944, elements of Pliyev's 4th Guards Cavalry Corps reached the outskirts of Debrecen ...
Cavalry Mechanized Group - After The Second World War
... Cavalry was widely seen as anachronistic by the start of World War II ... The Red Army was the only army to make use of cavalry formations in main combat during the war, and despite the successful use of cavalry formations by the Red ...
Battle Of Debrecen - Cavalry Mechanized Group Pliyev's Advance
... On 8 October 1944, Cavalry Mechanized Group Pliyev shifted its attack northeastward ... Pliyev's group advanced quickly along the major highway between Szolnok to Debrecen ... At Hajdúszoboszló, the group's lead units, the 9th Guards Mechanized and the 6th Guards Cavalry Corps, ran into elements of 23rd Panzer Division moving south ...

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