Categorical Expansion

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The Modern Definition of Categorical Perception - Learned CP
... also the countless categories cataloged in our dictionaries that, according to categorical perception, are unlikely to be inborn ... The effects of learning can be studied in categorical perception by looking at the processes involved Learned categorical perception can be divided into different processes through some comparisons ... Between subjects comparisons lead to a categorical expansion effect ...

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    Every expansion of government in business means that government in order to protect itself from the political consequences of its errors and wrongs is driven irresistibly without peace to greater and greater control of the nation’s press and platform. Free speech does not live many hours after free industry and free commerce die.
    Herbert Hoover (1874–1964)

    We do the same thing to parents that we do to children. We insist that they are some kind of categorical abstraction because they produced a child. They were people before that, and they’re still people in all other areas of their lives. But when it comes to the state of parenthood they are abruptly heir to a whole collection of virtues and feelings that are assigned to them with a fine arbitrary disregard for individuality.
    Leontine Young (20th century)