Cataglyphis is a genus of ant in the subfamily Formicinae. Its most famous species is C. bicolor, the Sahara Desert ant, which runs on hot sand to find insects that died of heat exhaustion, and can sustain body temperatures of up to 50°C.

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... Forel, 1902 Cardiocondyla wroughtoni Forel, 1890 Carebara lignata Westwood, 1840 Cataglyphis cugiai Menozzi, 1939 Cataglyphis indicus Pisarski, 1961 ...
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... The Sahara Desert ant (Cataglyphis bicolor) is a desert-dwelling ant of the genus Cataglyphis ... there are at least four other species of Cataglyphis living in the Sahara desert, for example C ...
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... Cataglyphis abyssinicus Cataglyphis adenensis Cataglyphis aenescens Cataglyphis albicans Cataglyphis alibabae Cataglyphis altisquamis Cataglyphis argentatus Cataglyphis asiriensis Cataglyphis bicolor ...