Casiopea - Discography


  • Casiopea (1979)
  • Super Flight (1979)
  • Thunder Live (1980)
    • Drummer Takashi Sasaki leaves the band and is replaced by Akira Jimbo.
  • Make Up City (1980)
  • Eyes of the Mind (1981)
    • Harvey Mason begins to be Casiopea's 1st Support Member, Producer and Composer, having played a bit on this album.
  • Cross Point (1981)
    • Though Harvey Mason doesn't play on this album, he did compose 1 song in it, "Any moment (We'll be one)".
  • Mint Jams (live) (1982)
    • Harvey Mason doesn't appear on this album at all.
  • 4x4 (1982)
    • This album has 4 guest Musicians and Casiopea, a band of 4 members, hence the name, 4x4 (Four by Four).
    • The other 4 musicians are drummer Harvey Mason, who, for a while, didn't record with Casiopea after this album was released, bassist Nathan East, guitarist Lee Ritenour and pianist Don Grusin.
    • Except for Don Grusin, all these guest musicians would soon form a Smooth Jazz group of their own, called Fourplay.
  • Photographs (1983)
  • Jive Jive (1983)
  • The Soundgraphy (1984)
  • Down Upbeat (1984)
  • Halle (1985)
  • Casiopea Live (1985)
  • Sun Sun (1986)
    • Yukoh Kusonoki joined the group as a Lead Vocalist after the release of this album.
  • Casiopea Perfect Live II (1987)
  • Funky Sound Bombers (1987; Japan-Only Release)
  • Platinum (1987)
  • Euphony (1988)
    • Yukoh Kusunoki left the group.
  • Casiopea World Live '88 (1988)
    • For the live performances on the Japanese part of their World Tour, Casiopea joined forces with 2 Funk Brass Sections, "Spectrum" (who were famous in Japan from 1978 to their break-up in 1981) and "Top Horn" (who once played a Live Version of Koizumi Kyoko's "Wink Killer", which is a Lyricized version of The Square's 1985 hit, "Omens of Love").
  • The Party (1990)
    • Bassist Tetsuo Sakurai is replaced by Yoshihiro Naruse.
    • Drummer Akira Jimbo is replaced by Masaaki Hiyama.
    • Both Sakurai and Jimbo would later form their own Bass/Drum duo, Jimsaku.
  • Full Colors (1991)
  • Active (1992)
  • We Want More (1992)
  • Dramatic (1993)
    • Due to Health Problems caused by smoking, drummer Masaaki Hiyama leaves the band and is replaced by Noriaki Kumagai.
    • Former percussionist of The Square (hereafter known as T-Square), Kiyohiko Senba, makes an appearance on one of the tracks of this album.
  • Answers (1994)
  • Hearty Notes (1994)
    • This is Casiopea's first and only Fully Acoustic album.
  • Asian Dreamer (1994)
    • This is an album that features Casiopea playing new arrangements of their old hits. (Except for the Title track, "Asian Dreamer", which was the only new track on this album).
  • Freshness (1995)
  • Flowers (1996)
  • Light and Shadows (1997)
    • Drummer Noriaki Kumagai leaves the group and is replaced by Support Member Harvey Mason in some recordings, and Former Casiopea Drummer Akira Jimbo in other recordings and live performances.
  • Be (1998)
    • Harvey Mason left the group again.
  • Material (1999)
  • 20th (Casiopea's 20th Anniversary Album) (2000)
  • Bitter Sweet (2000)
  • Single Collection (2001)
  • Main Gate (2001)
  • Inspire (2002)
  • Platinum 2 (2002, Indonesia-Only Release)
  • Places (2003)
  • Marble (2004)
  • Casiopea vs. The Square (2004)
    • The first full release from Casiopea to feature more than one Band since 4x4.
    • Released as both DVD and CD in 2004, Rereleased as Blu-ray and SACD as part of the "Legend of Casiopea" box set in 2009.
  • GIG 25 (Casiopea's 25th Anniversary Album) (2005)
  • Casiopea and Sync DNA: 5 Stars Live! (2005)
    • The first Casiopea live performance to feature both Akira Jimbo and former T-Square drummer Hiroyuki Noritake as Synchronized DNA (shortened to Sync DNA).
  • Signal (2005)
    • The first Casiopea studio Album to feature Sync DNA.
    • The last Casiopea studio album before leader and guitarist Issei Noro decided to put the band on Hiatus (due to having a busy schedule).
  • Gentle & Mellow (Best Studio Recordings Compilation Album, 2006)
  • Groove & Passion (Best Live Performances Compilation Album, 2006)
  • Legend of Casiopea (30th Anniversary Box Set, 2009)

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