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Although the show had a good critical reception, Casi Ángeles was received with lukewarm ratings. The fans of Cris Morena criticized the show for being too repetitive, with scenes exactly like some of her previous hits such as Rebelde Way, Floricienta, Chiquititas and Alma Pirata'. In the beginning, the show did not have a specific audience, it was targeted to kids and teenagers with some story lines skewing too young while others too old. The ratings were dropping and the highly promoted Patito Feo debuted on Canal 13 at the same time slot, and easily beat Casi Ángeles ratings. While repercussion and sales of Patito Feo products were astronomic and ratings were soaring, Casi Ángeles rating numbers were struggling which prompted Telefe to hurriedly change the show to an earlier time slot.

Also some changes were made in Casi Ángeles. The show concentrated on teenagers and started distancing from previous shows of Cris Morena, adding adding mystery and suspense elements. The changes had an effect and the audience started to grow. After a few weeks in the earlier time slot, the show returned to its original 6 P.M. slot, again confronting Patito Feo and this time it had similar rating numbers. In the end, the show had an average of 12 points according to Ibope, only 0.2 points lower than Patito Feo. The Season 1 finale reached 15 points, a series high and 1 point higher than Patito Feo's finale.

Although the show was struggling on television, the 2007 musical with the entire cast of the show in Teatro Gran Rex was the highest-grossing live event of the year. As usual, Cris Morena invested millions of dollars in a high-tech concert full of expensive effects and production. It sold over 120,000 tickets. However, the album sales were not very impressive. The first-season soundtrack album, with all songs sung by the cast, ranked 12th on the best-selling albums of 2007 list compiled by CAPIF, much lower than Patito Feo's soundtrack which was number one. It also ranked lower than some of the previous Cris Morena production soundtracks (Chiquititas 2006 was sixth on the annual list in 2006, Floricienta 2 was first in 2005, Floricienta 1 was 3rd in 2004 and 10th in 2005, Erreway's Señales was 3rd in 2002 and 7th in 2003) although it did achieve Platinum certification. During the summer hiatus, the cast of the show played concerts in Córdoba, Rosario and Punta del Este.

In the second season, the show got a total makeover. It became much more oriented to teenagers, with the Teen Angels receiving more screen time and Nico and Cielo's relationship less. It also introduced a new format for a daily fiction: episodes had titles and ended in monologues, following the model of U.S. shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives. In the same vein as Lost, the mystery elements became very important. The changes were well received and the show's rating exploded. It easily beat Patito Feo's Season 2 number; while the Canal 13 show had a 9 points average, 3 points lower than previous season, Casi Ángeles Season 2 averaged 14 points, 2 points higher. The second soundtrack album was also a strong seller, achieving double platinum and ending the year as the third-best-selling album in the annual ranking.

The Teen Angels popularity skyrocketed with the cast appearing on the cover of several magazines and attracting huge hysteria wherever they went. In Unicenter, a store was opened to sell exclusive Casi Ángeles merchandising, Fans Store. The 2008 live musical in Teatro Gran Rex broke records with 220,000 tickets sold, the second highest attendance ever in the theater's 81 years of history and doubling the number of the previous season After the season of concerts in Buenos Aires, the Teen Angels toured extensively in Argentina, selling out arenas everywhere. They also played a sold-out concert for 40,000 in Montevideo, Uruguay. After the second season finale, the cast played six additional concerts in Buenos Aires, and, during the summer hiatus, the Teen Angels were chosen as the spokespersons for Coca-Cola. They recorded the song "Hoy Quiero" which became the official Coke Summer Anthem. Also during the summer, they played two sold-out concerts in Mar del Plata and opened the official Coca Cola stand in Pinamar, attracting over 2500 people to the event.

In January, Disney Channel started airing the show to Latin America, in a highly edited version cutting all the sexual and violent elements. To promote the show and their CD, the Teen Angels traveled to Mexico City for a showcase and interviews. The third season finally debuted in Argentina in April, six months after production began. Without no substantial competition, after Patito Feo was canceled due to season 2's disastrous number, ratings went through the roof. The third season average is, up to August, 15 points, two points higher than 2008. The third CD is also the best-selling album of the year until the moment. However, the live musical could not top the first two seasons' attendance numbers due to the swine flu epidemic which caused panic in Buenos Aires in July, during the Winter vacations. In August, sales were normalized and the concerts started to sell out fast as usual. However, all the canceled shows in July meant 2009 musical would not top previous years' numbers. In the end, it sold 100,000 tickets, which was less than the two previous seasons.

In late 2008, after the debut of the second season, Casi Ángeles became a gigantic hit in Israel. Peter Lanzani and Lali Espósito visited the country to promote the show and caused hysteria. The complete cast visited Tel Aviv in October 2009 for a series of sold-out concerts which had over 80,000 tickets sold. Peter and Mariana were also chosen as spokespeople for the Keff shampoo.

The third season ended on December 5, 2009. It reached 16.6 points and didn't exceed the season 2 season finale or the season 3 debut (both achieved 18.4 points). Season 3 averaged 14 points, the same as season 2. However, there was a drop in the ratings from the middle of the season.

In November, the Teen Angels did a promotional tour across Latin America. In December, they'll visit Spain and Italy.

The show was renewed for a fourth season and will return to Telefe in 2010. The Teen Angels will star in Coca Cola Argentina's Christmas promotional campaign and will be featured on Coke's cans.

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