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Supreme Court Of Missouri - Notable Cases
... The following is a list of notable cases decided by the Supreme Court of Missouri or which came to the Supreme Court of the United States from the Supreme Court of ... Since 1973, the Supreme Court of Missouri has heard all cases en banc (before all seven judges) ... Before that many cases were heard by panels of three judges ...
Judicial Reform Of Alexander II - Court System - General Judicial Settlements
... The law provided that different cases depending on the gravity of the offence and on the difficulty of investigation were heard by different board of judges ... but on their feeling of injustice committed by Trepov, a case of jury nullification ... Judicial chambers were courts of appeal for cases heard in district courts ...
Ontario Court Of Justice - Criminal Law
... Criminal law cases heard before the court are summary conviction offences, less serious indictable offences under section 553 of the Criminal Code ... Cases are heard by a judge only ... Appeals from these cases are heard by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ...

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    I, who had heard of music in the spheres,
    But not of speech in stars, began to muse:
    But turning to my God, whose ministers
    The stars and all things are; If I refuse,
    Dread Lord, said I, so oft my good;
    Then I refuse not ev’n with blood
    To wash away my stubborn thought:
    For I will do or suffer what I ought.
    George Herbert (1593–1633)

    I do not believe in lawyers, in that mode of attacking or defending a man, because you descend to meet the judge on his own ground, and, in cases of the highest importance, it is of no consequence whether a man breaks a human law or not. Let lawyers decide trivial cases.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)