Carpal Bones

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Absent Radius - Classification
... deformities or absences of the radius, where others also include anomalies of the thumb and carpal bones ... this classification by including deficiencies of the carpal bones with a normal distal radius length as type 0 and isolated thumb anomalies as type N ... Type N Isolated thumb anomaly Type 0 Deficiency of the carpal bones Type I Short distal radius Type II Hypoplastic radius in miniature Type III Absent distal radius ...
List Of Subjects In Gray's Anatomy: III. Syndesmology - Articulations of The Upper Extremity - Intercarpal Articulations (Gray's s87) - Gray's page #329
... Articulations of the Proximal Row of Carpal Bones pisohamate ligament Pisometacarpal ligament Articulations of the Distal Row of Carpal Bones Dorsal ligaments (ligamenta intercarpea dorsalia) Volar ...
Homo Floresiensis - Bone Structure
... The bone structure of H ... wrists has been described as very different from modern humans', much closer to the bone structure of chimpanzees or an early hominin ... who pointed out that muscle attachments on the bone suggest LB1 had weak muscles which resulted in little development of humeral torsion ...

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