Cargo Submarines

Cargo Submarines

A merchant submarine is a type of submarine intended for trade, and being without armaments, it is not considered a warship like most other types of submarines. The intended use would be blockade running, or to dive under arctic ice.

Strictly speaking, only two submarines have so far been purpose-built for non-military merchant shipping use, though standard or partly converted military submarines have been used to transport smaller amounts of important cargo, especially during wartime, and large-scale proposals for modern merchant submarines have been produced by manufacturers.

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... market) type of 'trade' usage is the known use of narco submarines or 'drug subs' by drug smugglers. 30 m long, 200 tons carrying-capacity submarine apparently intended for the cocaine trade with the U.S ... At the time of the police raid, the submarine was being constructed in segmented parts in a warehouse high in the Andes near Bogotá ...

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