Care Work

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Feminist Economists - Major Areas of Inquiry - Unpaid Work
... Unpaid work can include domestic work, care work, subsistence work, unpaid market labor and voluntary work ... But broadly speaking, these kinds of work can be seen as contributing to the reproduction of society ... Domestic work is maintenance of the home, and is usually universally recognizable, e.g ...
Sexual Apartheid - Significance - In Economies
... gendered, such as later life decisions such as work/care work conflicts ... In one study, women in male-dominated work settings were the most satisfied psychologically with their jobs while women in occupational settings with only 15-30% men were ... has certain health and safety hazards for each sex, since employment conditions, type of work, and contract and domestic responsibilities vary for types of employment ...

Famous quotes containing the words work and/or care:

    ...if we would be and do all that as a rational being we should desire, we must resolve to govern ourselves; we must seek diversity of interests; dread to be without an object and without mental occupation; and try to balance work for the body and work for the mind.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    It is not only a question of who is responsible for very young children. There is no longer anyone home to care for adolescents and the elderly. There is no one around to take in the car for repair or to let the plumber in. Working families are faced with daily dilemmas: Who will take care of a sick child? Who will go to the big soccer game? Who will attend the teacher conference?
    Fran Sussner Rodgers (20th century)