Care Rehabilitation Center

The Care Rehabilitation Center is a facility in Saudi Arabia intended to re-integrate former jihadists into the mainstream of Saudi culture. The center is located in a former resort complex, complete with swimming pools, and other recreational facilities, outside Riyadh.

According to Peter Taylor, writing in the BBC, the first nine Saudi captives in Guantanamo to be repatriated arrived before the program was set up.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown toured the facility on November 2, 2008, and spoke with several former Guantananmo captives. Brown is reported to have spoken with Ghanim Abdul Rahman Al Harbi and Juma al Dossari.

The Saudis had claimed a one hundred percent success rate, until two former Guantanamo captives released a threatening videos to the internet in January 2009. Following the release of the video Saudi authorities took nine other former captives back into custody. The names of the nine re-apprehended men have not been made public.

On February 4, 2009, the Associated Press reported that Saudi authorities had listed eleven former Guantanamo captives on a list of 85 most wanted terrorist suspects.

Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, son of a deputy Prime Minister, and a deputy minister for security, had played a role in setting up the program. In late August Abdullah Hassan Tali' al-Asiri, a suspected jihadist, who had been named on the February 2009 Saudi most wanted list, said he wanted to meet the Prince when he surrendered, turned out to be a suicide bomber. Some security officials were injured, but the Prince escaped serious injury, and Al-Asiri was the only fatality. Yusef Abdullah Saleh Al Rabiesh, a former Guantanamo captive, who went through the rehabilitation program, went on record to express his gratitude to the Prince, and to warn his countrymen against being influenced by extremists.

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