Captain Ray

Captain Ray, or "El Capitan Rayo" (Captain Lightning) in Spanish, is a superhero created exclusively for the Super Powers Collection/Super Heroes Collection of action figures released in Colombia. He never appeared in any comic books. His secret identity is Francisco D'ardoine, an original character created by Gulliver Juguetes, a Latin-American toy company located in Brazil. The character appeared for the first time in 1986 as part of the line-up of their own Super Powers Collection/Super Heroes Collection toy line. They obtained the South American license to Kenner's Super Powers Collection line, released in North America, based on several characters from DC Comics.

With his Aquaman face, Superman body, and unique paint job, cardback, the figure is a very interesting effort. There are at least two variations in the way the lightning bolt is painted on his chest.

The Captain Ray action figure has appeared at auction on eBay at least three times -- the first time selling for 340 USD$, the second time offered for over 4000 USD$.

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