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List Of Robotech Episodes - Episode List - The Macross Saga
... A Zentraedi ambush forces SDF-1 skipper Captain Gloval to go back to Macross Island and attempt a hyperspace jump ... A fierce gunfight allows the humans to find a battlepod and return to Captain Gloval and the crew of the SDF-1 ... from attacking the SDF-1 again, allowing the crew to safely reenter Earth's atmosphere 14 "Gloval's Report" Robert V ...
First Robotech War - Return To Earth
... Eventually the SDF-1 returned to Earth and Captain Gloval requested the United Earth Government to disembark the surviving 56,000 civilians from on board the ... Captain Gloval defied the orders and began a series of low-altitude flights over populated areas to discredit the official story and force the ... Captain Gloval agreed to this and organized a grand wedding ceremony not only to further influence the enemy certain to be observing this, but also to rally his crew and passengers to strive for a ...
First Robotech War - Battle of Mars
... Captain Gloval landed the battlefortress close to the base itself ... mistake the Terran forces detected the explosion, decided it had to be weapons fire and Captain Gloval, realizing the ship was about to be ambushed, ordered an immediate ... Captain Gloval contacted Lisa at Sara Base ...

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