Capital P - Episode List - Season 5 (2002)

Season 5 (2002)

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Theme
41 1 "Visitation" Alex Zakrzewski Tom Fontana January 6, 2002 (2002-01-06) Historical figures and prison
Oz re-opens after the renovations. Complications leave the Solitary inmates in Gen Pop for a while. Ryan does what he does best, complicating the investigation into Keenan's murder. He has Martin Montgomery say that he saw Henry Stanton (whom Cyril befriended in protective custody) murder Keenan. Beecher, Said and Schillinger agree to interaction sessions. A busload of visitors to Oz skids off the road and many are killed before seeing their loved ones.
42 2 "Laws of Gravity" Rob Morrow Tom Fontana & Sean Whitesell January 13, 2002 (2002-01-13) The Three Laws
Rebadow gives Alvarez some advice on what it would take to earn respect. As Rebadow's grandson is dying, he is in desperate need of a bone marrow donor, but while doing research he discovers that there may be a way to save him. Suzanne Fitzgerald begins community service teaching music in Oz. Montgomery threatens to expose Ryan's scheming, but Ryan schemes his way out free of Montgomery. Devlin sets up a state liason where his assistant, Elanor O'Conner will be handling complaints, it turns out that she is McManus' ex wife. McManus gives Said a new project, Omar. The hitman that killed Hank gives up Pancamo, and Schillinger takes revenge. The Reverend Cloutier continues to influence his followers beyond his infirmary bed.
43 3 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Adam Bernstein Tom Fontana & Sean Whitesell January 20, 2002 (2002-01-20) Dreams
After Alvarez had himself stabbed, one of the inmates sees him as a guiding light but Alvarez gives him the task to kill Guerra. Brass tries to find out who cut his tendon and suspects Morales is involved. Jia Kenmin returns and will not retaliate against the O'Reilys. Redding and Morales forge an uneasy defensive alliance, this sees the Sicilians get replaced quickly when Schibetta tries to get revenge on Schillinger only to have him raped again; Keller returns only to find out that the FBI knows he is responsible for a murder he committed years ago; the Cloutier mysteries deepens after Hoyt tries to kill Kirk and confesses to all the crimes he committed.
44 4 "Next Stop, Valhalla" J. Miller Tobin Tom Fontana & Sunil Nayar January 27, 2002 (2002-01-27) Norse mythology
Velez fails in his attempt to kill Guerra. A class to train guide dogs for the blind is arranged and Alvarez, Hill and Penders sign up. Miss Sally's Schoolyard is cancelled, and replaced with Sallycize. Schillinger threatens Schibetta. The O'Reily brothers band together to protect Suzanne when Cyril murders Li Chen and gets sent to Solitary. Gloria attacks Martinez when he gropes her while she's treating him in solitary. The Aryans attack Lalar. Hill can't stop thinking about his mother's death.
45 5 "Wheel of Fortune" Terry Kinney Tom Fontana & Sunil Nayar February 3, 2002 (2002-02-03) Psychics
Said and Arif go to Warden Glynn about Lalar's murder. Angry and full of rage, Said then confronts White about passing drugs. Unsatisfied with White's response, Said beats White severely, which gets Said thrown in the hole. Robson stirs up trouble. Pancamo develops a staph infection. On orders from Schillinger, Winthrop gets into a fight with Guenzel. Schillinger goes to Beecher to win favor only he intends to have Beecher turn Guenzel over to him to be his "slave". Guenzel doesn't want to be seen with Beecher the 'faggot'. Keller discovers the feds have compelling evidence linking him to one of the past murders. Meanwhile, Howell makes her move on Keller. Officer Brass makes off with Rebadow's winning $2 million lottery ticket. Rebadow's ship comes in...for someone else. Hill becomes gravely ill. Redding vows to find out who got Hill back on drugs. Morales deals with his sister's death - he beats his brother-in-law bloody in the visiting room and is thrown in the hole. Kirk is transferred back to Oz from Benchley Memorial and begs Father Ray to let him return to the church as Hoyt is transferred to death row. O'Reily tries to cover Cyril's legal fees and holds a family meeting. McClain recommends that O'Reily hire a big-name lawyer for Cyril.
46 6 "Variety" Roger Rees Tom Fontana & Bradford Winters February 10, 2002 (2002-02-10) Variety show
The inmate variety show takes shape with Father Mukada as MC and White the featured performer, and with Omar White as the finale. Said returns from the hole ready to apologize to White, and the two turn over a new leaf in their relationship. Robson's painful teeth force him to the dentist, something he secretly fears. The dentist recommends gum replacement surgery. Alvarez wants to give his dog to Eugene Rivera (the Oz guard he blinded). Cyril's trial looms and gets off to an inauspiciously cold start. Ryan is worried and cuts a deal that gets Shupe disabled. Redding continues to search for culprit that gave Hill the drugs. Poet, in an attempt to hide the truth from Redding convinces Busmalis to tell Redding that one of the Italians did the deed. This results in Redding having DeSantos poisoned. Chucky's condition worsens and out of fear, he summons Sister Peter for spiritual help. Dr. Nathan counsels Peter Schibetta. Sister Pete starts looking for Schibetta's attackers only the 3 who know (Said, Beecher, Schillinger) refuse to divulge. tensions between Mukada and Kirk come to a boil when Mukada convinces Hoyt to squeal. In exchange for a blow job, Timmy Kirk has Clarence get someone to burn down Father Mukada's church and rectory. He is seriously injured, and two other priests die. Beecher and Keller anger McClain, who walks out. Howell gives Keller a free trip to Benchley Memorial. Beecher takes Schillinger's deal: He takes the mail job and Adam is transferred to Unit B.
47 7 "Good Intentions" Adam Bernstein Tom Fontana & Bradford Winters February 17, 2002 (2002-02-17) Good intentions gone bad
Hill returns from Benchley Memorial but refuses to tell McManus who gave him the drugs. Cyril is found guilty, and Ryan informs Catherine and Sister Pete that he won't ask for clemency. He tells Cyril that he's going to be set free. Behind Ryan's back, Sister Pete, Suzanne, Catherine, and Father Meehan begin working on a press blitz to ensure the public won't let Cyril be executed. Ryan repays the Latinos for amputating Shupe's right arm by provoking Jia into a fight. When Officer Lopresti bullies Penders, Penders tells his dog to attack. Well-trained, the dog rips into Lopresti's throat. Penders is sent to solitary, leaving Miguel as the last of the three dog-trainers. Feeling guilty for his part in Brass' downslide and stealing of the lottery ticket, Tim helps Bob Rebadow track down a match for his grandson's transplant. Keller caught the same bus that took Hill back to Oz, only Keller has permanent hearing loss in his right ear. Sister Pete tries in vain to help him. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Beecher admits his behavior to Said, who tells him he has to punish himself by not seeing Keller if he truly wants to atone. Beecher agrees. Vern then arranges for Adam to "escape", which leads to Adam being electrocuted on the barb-wire fence at the gates. Beecher is, as always, guilt-ridden.
48 8 "Impotence" Alex Zakrzewski Tom Fontana February 24, 2002 (2002-02-24) Erectile dysfunction
Robson deals with his rejection by the Brotherhood by slicing his gums away with a razor blade. McManus arranges a parole hearing for Miguel. Glynn is outraged and tells the board of Miguel's many misdeeds. Miguel tries, but reaches his limit with a hateful inquisitor and beats him bloody, causing his 50th trip back to solitary. Gloria's guilt over Pancamo grows as he lapses into a coma. McManus tries to comfort her, telling her even doing one good thing, as he has with Omar, makes up for all the crap. Omar threatens Cutler in the storage closet, which leads to a fight and Omar nearly killing him. A betrayed, furious McManus sends Omar back to solitary. Beecher's guilt leads him to come forward with news of Vern raping Winthrop and Guenzel, sending Vern to solitary with the help of corroborating witnesses and evidence. Beecher then defies Said and returns to Keller's arms (through cell bars). Keller is found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. Rebadow leaves Oz for the first time in over 35 years to visit his near-death grandson. Cyril is moved to death row and beats on several guards (with Keller's encouragement) when he realizes he's going to die. He is somewhat comforted when Pete brings his sock puppet. Morales convinces default-Sicilian leader Urbano to kill Redding. Urbano crosses his path, preparing to stab him, but Hill wheels in front of his father figure, the blade cutting into him.

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