Capelis XC-12 - Filmography


  • Five Came Back (RKO) 1939 (aircraft and model)
  • Flying Blind (Paramount) 1941 (model)
  • King of the Zombies (Monogram) 1941 (model)
  • Flying Tigers (Republic) 1942 (aircraft and model) John Wayne guides in a crippled XC-12 with an engine on fire, and later uses it as an improvised bomber
  • Invisible Agent (Universal) 1942
  • Immortal Sergeant (20th Century Fox) 1942/1943 (aircraft and model)
  • Adventures of the Flying Cadets (Universal) 1943 (model)
  • Night Plane from Chungking (Paramount) 1943
  • Wings over the Pacific (Monogram) 1943 (model)
  • Action in Arabia (RKO) 1944
  • Dick Tracy's Dilemma (RKO) 1947 The aircraft is shown somewhat dismantled in this movie, but not scrapped
  • Daredevils of the Clouds (Republic) 1948 (model)
  • Tarzan's Magic Fountain (RKO) 1949 (model)
  • On the Isle of Samoa (Columbia) 1950 (model)
  • China Gate (Globe Enterprises) 1957 (model)

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