• (noun): English writer born in Germany (born in 1905).
    Synonyms: Elias Canetti

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Canetti Peak
... Canetti Peak (Vrah Kaneti \'vr h ka-'ne-ti\) is a 400 m peak in the Friesland Ridge, Tangra Mountains, eastern Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands ... The peak was named after Elias Canetti (1905–1994), a Bulgarian-born Nobel laureate in literature ...
Brazil Women's National Water Polo Team - Squads
2003 World Championship — 12th place Marina Canetti, Viviane Costa, Flávia Fernandes, Cláudia Graner, Andréa Henriques, Mayla Siracusa, Maria Marques, Tess ... Pedrosa, Cláudia Graner, Flávia Fernandes, Mariana Roriz, Maria Marques, Marina Canetti, Mayla Siracusa, Melina Teno, Tess Oliveira, Rubi Palmieri, and Ana Vasconcelos. 2005 World Championship — 10th place Ciça Canetti, Manuela Canetti, Marina Canetti, Luiza Carvalho, Viviane Costa, Flávia Fernandes, Andréa Henriques ...
Jacques Brel - Music Career - 1953–1959
... The talent scout and artistic director at the record company, Jacques Canetti, invited Brel to move to Paris ... the cabaret circuit at venues such as L'Ecluse, L'Echelle de Jacob, and in Jacques Canetti's cabaret Les Trois Baudets ... In June, Brel toured France again with Canetti's show Les Filles de Papa, which included Françoise Dorin, Perrette Souplex, and Suzanne Gabriello ...
Yanitzia Canetti
... Yanitzia Canetti (born in 1967 in Havana, Cuba) is a Cuban author, translator, and editor ... Canetti has earned a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, a Master's in Linguistics, and a Ph.D ...
Crowds And Power
... Crowds and Power (original title Masse und Macht) is a 1960 book by Elias Canetti, dealing with the dynamics of crowds and "packs" and the question of how and why ... Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia ... European upheaval which can be understood within the framework Canetti puts forth ...

Famous quotes containing the word canetti:

    As if one could know the good a person is capable of, when one doesn’t know the bad he might do.
    —Elias Canetti (b. 1905)

    Success is the space one occupies in the newspaper. Success is one day’s insolence.
    —Elias Canetti (b. 1905)

    Whether or not God is dead: it is impossible to keep silent about him who was there for so long.
    —Elias Canetti (b. 1905)