Canadian Heraldic Authority - Structure - Heralds of Arms

Heralds of Arms

Below the Chief Herald are the Heralds of Arms, full-time workers at the Authority and considered part of the Public Service of Canada. The names of the various offices were taken from significant Canadian rivers. Though the titles are territorial designations, as per heraldic tradition, each herald serves the entire country. Each is assigned a badge of office. The Heralds of Arms are:

Title Duties Incumbent
Saint-Laurent Registrar of the Authority, deals mainly with records, such as the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada. This herald is also the custodian of the Authority's seal. Bruce Patterson
Fraser The Principal Artist of the Authority, responsible for overseeing the artwork produced for each grant of arms. Cathy Bursey-Sabourin
Saguenay the Assistant Registrar of the Authority. Both Saguenay and Saint-Laurent are responsible for the grant and registration documents in both English and French. Forrest Pass
Assiniboine duties unclear Darrel Kennedy
Miramichi duties unclear Manon Labelle.
Coppermine Assistant Artist, supporting Fraser Herald. Catherine Fitzpatrick
Athabaska Responsible for policy issues. This post has been vacant since 2001.

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