Canada Post Millennium Stamps - February 2000 - The Millennium Collection, Canada's Cultural Fabric

The Millennium Collection, Canada's Cultural Fabric

  • L'Anse aux Meadows

The oldest known European settlement in the New World, l'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, was established by Norse colonists a thousand years ago.

  • Neptune Theatre

Halifax is home to a cultural tradition that took root in the early 17th century, when the Neptune Theatre's predecessor, Le Théâtre de Neptune de la Nouvelle-France held its first performance at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

  • Pier 21

In the past century, some 1.5 million immigrants, refugees and displaced persons arrived on our shores at Halifax's Pier 21, which served as a symbol of hope, dreams and opportunity for newcomers to Canada.

  • Stratford Festival

Although its history spans just less than 50 years, Ontario's Stratford Festival has become the jewel of North American classical theatre, specialized in showcasing the works of William Shakespeare.

Date of Issue Theme Denomination Printer Quantity Perforation Creator
17 February 2000 L'Anse aux Meadows: World Heritage Site 46 cents Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd. 1,000,000 13.5 Designed by Susan Warr and based on a photograph by James Steeves
17 February 2000 The Neptune Story 46 cents Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd. 1,000,000 13.5 Designed by Bruce Kierstead and based on photographs by James Steeves and Wally Hayes, and based on illustrations by Kevin Sollows and Graham Tuck
17 February 2000 Pier 21: Welcome to Canada 46 cents Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd. 1,000,000 13.5 Designed by Horst Deppe and Fraser Ross, based on a photograph by National Archives of Canada
17 February 2000 The Stratford Festival: Canada's Midsummer Night's Dream 46 cents Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd. 1,000,000 13.5 Designed by Les Holloway, based on a photograph by Cylla von Tiedemann and by Terry Manzo

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