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The staff of Ramah Poconos is composed largely of former Ramah campers. Many campers to return as counselors and specialists for several summers while they are in college. After college, they can continue to come back as the head of the age groups or in other positions. Camp Ramah encourages new recruits and give staff members who recruit others a bonus payment. Staff are trained on a perpetual basis throughout the summer beginning with the week before the campers come. This "staff week" is named after and funded by an endowment in honor of Director Emeritus, Cheryl Magen. It is spent drilling safety procedures, camp rules, activity planning, and many other important things into the staff members. Throughout the summer, counselors and other staff members have Hadracha, (transliteration of הדרכה the Hebrew word for guidance) sessions that continue to train the staff in all necessary areas. Senior counselors are expected to mentor the junior counselors, so their Hadracha sessions spend a lot of focus on how to teach the younger counselors.

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