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Seventh-day Adventist Camps - History
... Camp meetings in the Adventist church trace back to the preceding Millerite movement led by William Miller ... These in turn had influences from the existing Methodist camp meetings ... The Millerites held more than 130 camp meetings from the earliest in summer 1842, to prior to Autumn 1844 with an estimated combined attendance of over half-a-million people ...
Hugh Bourne - Camp Meetings, Bourne's Expulsion and The Origins of Primitive Methodism
... and Clowes’ Primitive Methodism germinated in the Camp Meetings from 1807 onwards and its separate organisational form came about as a direct result of the Wesleyan circuit authorities ... Camp Meetings were all day, open-air gatherings for Christian preaching and group prayer, usually followed by a Love Feast ... They were based on evangelical revival meetings in America ...
Spiritualism - Origins - Unorganized Movement
... or national conventions, and at summer camps attended by thousands ... Among the most significant of the camp meetings were Camp Etna, in Etna, Maine Onset Bay Grove, in Onset, Massachusetts Lily Dale, in western New York State ... In founding camp meetings, the spiritualists appropriated a form developed by U.S ...
Mount Tabor, New Jersey - History - Camp Meetings
... large industrial cities in northern New Jersey, gathered in the rustic area for the ten day camp meeting ... up home in their horse driven wagons in which they rode to the camp meeting ... The annual camp meetings, held for about ten days each August, were facilitated by the Camp Meeting Association trustees under the oversight of the Newark Conference of the Methodist Episcopal ...

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    I love meetings with suits. I live for meetings with suits. I love them because I know they had a really boring week and I walk in there with my orange velvet leggings and drop popcorn in my cleavage and then fish it out and eat it. I like that. I know I’m entertaining them and I know that they know. Obviously, the best meetings are with suits that are intelligent, because then things are operating on a whole other level.
    Madonna [Madonna Louise Ciccione] (b. 1959)

    Killers, huh? I’d trade the pair of you for a good Camp Fire Girl.
    Daniel Taradash (b. 1913)