Cameron Kirsten - Daisy Carter

Daisy Carter

Daisy Romalotti
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Yvonne Zima
Duration 2009—
First appearance October 30, 2009
Created by Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer, and Scott Hamner
Aliases Scarlett
Gender Female
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin, U.S.
Parents Tom Fisher
Sheila Carter
Sibling(s) Kevin Fisher
Ryder Callahan
Mary Carter Warwick
Diana Carter
Spouse(s) Daniel Romalotti (2012—)
Romances Ricky Williams
Children Lucy Romalotti
Grandparents Molly Carter
Aunts and uncles Sarah Smythe
Other relatives Phyllis Summers Newman
Danny Romalotti

Daisy Romalotti (née Carter) first appeared on October 30, 2009, as a babysitter. She is portrayed by Yvonne Zima. Her first run lasted until May 5, 2010, and has been recurring since October 28, 2010. The actress' portrayal is not positive with viewers, and she was featured on a TV Guide Canada listed Zima's appearance as Daisy in 2010 as the "worst comeback" of a character. In May 2012, Soap Opera Digest reported that Zima was let go from The Young and the Restless, and her final scenes aired on June 25, 2012. However, despite multiple sources saying that Zima was let go permanently, following Maria Arena Bell's departure as head writer of the series, reports speculated that Zima was to return, leading to her onscreen return on September 6, 2012.

Daisy is the daughter of Tom Fisher and Sheila Carter, and twin sister to Ryder Callahan and half-sister to Kevin Fisher. Daisy also has two half-sisters, Mary Carter Warwick and Diana Carter.

She was first introduced as Daisy Thompkins (later Sanders), a new friend of Abby Carlton. She worked at Fenmore's boutique and lived in the dorms at her high school. She and Ryder arrived in Genoa City to get revenge against Lauren Fenmore Baldwin for killing their mother, Sheila Carter. They worked with their aunt Sarah Carter, Sheila's sister, to commit a series of crimes and ultimately kidnap Lauren and Jana Hawkes, her half-brother Kevin's wife at the time. Lauren and Jana were later rescued by Kevin and his half-brother, Michael Baldwin, who is also Lauren's husband.

Like mother, like daughter Daisy found herself attracted to Daniel Romalotti, who at the time was married to Amber Moore. After drugging him, she raped an unconscious Daniel, mirroring what her mother did with Lauren's first husband. Afterward, Daisy and Ryder left town, but she promised to return someday. While Ryder and Daisy both blame Lauren for their mother's death, they do not seem to realize that their half-sister, Mary, cut Shelia out of her life because of what she was.

Daisy later returned to Genoa City on Halloween, unnoticed by anyone (except Lauren, who came to the conclusion that she was hallucinating). Daisy goes to Daniel's apartment and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. It was revealed that the baby was conceived through her raping him and later a paternity test proved that Daniel fathered the child. Daisy was sent to jail, and later left in Daniel's mother, Phyllis Summers' custody as Phyllis wanted to protect her unborn grandchild. Daisy also stayed briefly at Daniel's apartment, and later gave birth on New Year's Eve with Jana at her side. She was later found in labor on the side of the road by Daniel, who delivered their child. She knocked him unconscious on the head afterwards, when he rejected her advances of wanting a "happy family". She then left her daughter at a church. A couple found her and sold her away. Daisy returned months later. It was revealed that the child which Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman were raising, Lucy, was Daisy's child prior to this. Her return consisted of solely claims to regain a life with her daughter. Phyllis promised her multiple things in order to do what she wanted, however Daisy never acquired what she was looking for. Months later she was seen again and formed somewhat of a friendship with Sharon Newman while they were in prison together. Sharon's lawyer (and Phyllis's sister) Avery Bailey Clark stepped in as her lawyer for revenge on her sister, and Daisy was released.

After her release from prison, Daisy regained custody of Lucy from Phyllis. In an attempt to keep his daughter safe, Daniel had his parental rights restored. He fought for custody of Lucy, but lost to Daisy and must wait six months before he can try for custody again. Afraid for his daughter's safety, Daniel proposed to Daisy, and the two eloped. Although Daisy got what she wanted, Daniel refused to ever really love her. When Phyllis refused to allow Daisy to attend her wedding, Daisy heartlessly walked out as Phyllis miscarried. Angered by Phyllis and Daniel's continuing rejection, Daisy has teamed up with Ricky Williams to bring down Phyllis and see her suffer. Daisy has also conned Kevin into believing she's the innocent victim, and that she's really changed. Kevin gave her job at Crimson Lights, much to everyone else's dismay. Phyllis and Daniel discovered that Daisy walked away when Phyllis was miscarrying, but she claimed she paused for a few moments to think about apologizing which is not true. Avery then teamed up with Heather Stevens to arrest Daisy for not helping Phyllis when she was miscarrying, and in return Daisy threatened to reveal that Phyllis hit Paul Williams and Christine Blair with a car eighteen years prior. Because of this Phyllis wanted to drop the pursuit to arrest Daisy. At the same time, Daisy asked Ricky to help her and Lucy disappear from Genoa City, and he agreed to help, however Daisy saw a video on Ricky's laptop of him murdering his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, and she decided to tell Michael Baldwin, interim district attorney, immediately. When Michael told Phyllis and Daniel that she wanted to see him, Phyllis assumed it was to tell him about the hit-and-run incident. Ricky found out that Daisy saw the video, and went to see her in the alleyway where she was supposed to meet Michael, saying that he was about to make her disappear.

When Daniel discovered that Daisy had gone missing, he and Phyllis assumed she went on the run to avoid the arrest. Daniel became the prime suspect in her disappearance, which deepened when it was revealed that Daisy's credit card had been in use near Canada, when in fact Ricky had been using the card to frame Daniel, who was about to be released when the police found an email Daisy wrote to Kevin, saying that she knew Daniel hated her and that she was afraid. This led to Michael realizing that in fact all evidence was pointing to Daniel. At the same time, Eden Baldwin, Ricky's former roommate, was adamant that Ricky was involved in Daisy's disappearance, and she found Daisy's wallet and cell phone in Ricky's hotel room, meaning she was right about his involvement. However, Ricky tried to kill Eden when he found out and she hit her head on a bathtub and passed out.

Three months later, while Sharon Newman was checking into Fairview psychiatric hospital, a woman called her name in the waiting room: Daisy. Sharon explained that everyone in Genoa City believed that she was dead, and Daisy revealed that after Ricky threatened to make her disappear, she ran away and checked into Fairview under an alias, Scarlett, as she was terrified that Ricky would kill her as he did Rachel. Daisy was unaware of Ricky's death, and tried to convince the doctors to release her, which they refused to do without legal prove of her true identity. Daisy then decided to overdose on pills she had been harboring with hopes of landing in the hospital where she could then escape. After she did so, the doctors received the results of her fingerprint scan, and Ronan Malloy got a call about Daisy's whereabouts. Yet, just as Michael Baldwin secured a court order to interview Daisy, she disappeared. Apparently, she was checked out my her mother. But, Daisy's mother, Sheila, is dead, and it is currently unknown where Daisy is and who actually checked her out.

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