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A type of fictional crossover is the placement of two or more otherwise discrete fictional characters into the context of a single story. This occurrence can arise from legal agreements between the relevant copyright holders, or because of unauthorized efforts by fans and is intended for promotional, parodic or other purposes. John Munch, a fictional detective played by actor Richard Belzer, which first appeared on Homicide: Life on the Street, made, among numerous other TV show crossovers, a small cameo appearance in the episode "Took" from the fifth and final season of The Wire. In Homicide, along with Tim Bayliss (played by Kyle Secor) and Meldrick Lewis (played by Clark Johnson), Munch is co-owner of "The Waterfront", a bar located across the street from their Baltimore police station. In The Wire he refers to owning "The Waterfront" in the past-tense and talks about wanting to buy a bar again in New York City in the crumbling economy of the country. Miss Marple, a character created by Agatha Christie and portrayed by Margaret Rutherford, and Margaret's husband Stringer Davis had a cameo role in The Alphabet Murders, a movie based on another of Christie's books and which featured Hercule Poirot. The two famous detectives meet in front of a police station, and wonder if they know each other, while Miss Marple's theme plays in the background

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    My characters never die screaming in rage. They attempt to pull themselves back together and go on. And that’s basically a conservative view of life.
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    One of the proud joys of the man of letters—if that man of letters is an artist—is to feel within himself the power to immortalize at will anything he chooses to immortalize. Insignificant though he may be, he is conscious of possessing a creative divinity. God creates lives; the man of imagination creates fictional lives which may make a profound and as it were more living impression on the world’s memory.
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