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Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Preparations For Northern Palestine Campaign - Reorganisation of The Desert Mounted Corps
... The Yeomanry Division, the 5th Mounted Brigade and the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade were disbanded 2,000 of the latter's camels were given to Feisal's Hedjaz Arab army ... Indian units, and the remaining yeomanry regiments were reorganised into brigades numbering 10 to 15 with Indian cavalry regiments ... The 5th Cavalry Division included the former Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade, which became the 15th (Imperial Service) Brigade ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Spring 1918 Operations - Reorganisation of The Egyptian Expeditionary Force
... All but one battalion from each brigade sent to France, was replaced by Indian Army battalions ... These cavalry divisions were composed of three brigades containing one British and two Indian regiments ... When the Australian Mounted Division's 5th Mounted Brigade was sent to France it was replaced by the newly formed 5th Light Horse Brigade made up of Australian and New Zealanders from the Imperial ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Sinai Campaign (1916–1917) - Battle of Magdhaba, December 1916
... march of 30 miles (48 km) part of the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade and the Anzac Mounted Division commanded by Chauvel entered El Arish, which had been abandoned by the Ottoman ... With the 1st Light Horse Brigade in reserve, Chauvel sent the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade and the 3rd Light Horse Brigade's to move on Magdhaba by the north and north–east to cut off the ... The 1st Light Horse Brigade reinforced the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade in an attack on the redoubts but fierce shrapnel fire forced them to advance up the wadi bed ...
Battle Of Rafa - Battle
... While the 1st Light Horse and the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigades rode to a position from which to attack from the south, east and north, the 5th ... The Yeomanry brigade moved off at 0203 accompanied by six Ford motor cars of the 7th Light Car Patrol in support, less two troops of the Worcestershire Yeomanry ... On the way there the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade was deployed.75 miles (1.21 km) to the west with the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade 1 mile (1.6 km) to the ...
X Corps (Pakistan)
... The X Corps is an active military administrative corps of Pakistan Army, currently assigned in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province of Pakistan ... Its one of two brigades are currently active in Kashmir ... One of its brigades, the 111th Infantry Brigade in Rawalpindi, has been frequently involved in military coup d'etats since Pakistani independence ...

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    [John] Brough’s majority is “glorious to behold.” It is worth a big victory in the field. It is decisive as to the disposition of the people to prosecute the war to the end. My regiment and brigade were both unanimous for Brough [the Union party candidate for governor of Ohio].
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    a camel comes handy
    Wherever it’s sandy—
    Anywhere does for me.
    Charles Edward Carryl (1841–1920)

    Many a woman shudders ... at the terrible eclipse of those intellectual powers which in early life seemed prophetic of usefulness and happiness, hence the army of martyrs among our married and unmarried women who, not having cultivated a taste for science, art or literature, form a corps of nervous patients who make fortunes for agreeable physicians ...
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)