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3D Camcorder

In 2011 Panasonic released the world's first camcorder capable of shooting in 3D, the HDC-SDT750. It is a regular 2D camcorder that can shoot in full HD while 3D is achieved by the detachable conversion lens. Sony subsequently released its own 3D camcorder, the HDR-TD10. Unlike the Panasonic, the Sony HDR-TD10 has the 3D lens built in but it can still shoot a normal 2D video. The down side to this is that it results in a rather ugly design and a high price tag (£1,005.70 for the Sony vs. £686 for the Panasonic on Amazon). Panasonic have also released normal 2D camcorders with optional 3D recording with the conversion lens being an optional extra. The HDC-SD90, HDC-SD900, HDC-TM900 and HDC-HS900 are marketed as '3D ready' being affordable regular 2D camcorders with the option to add the 3D capability at a later date.

Sony, Fujifilm, Aiptek, Vivitar and some other manufacturers have even marketed 3D pocket camcorders, an example being the Sony MHS-FS3. JVC then released its own 3D camcorder, the GS-TD1. Like the Sony HDR-TD10, it has the 3D lens built in and once again results in a rather ugly design and a high price tag £1,299.99 on Amazon. Sony have released the DEV-5 digital recording binoculars. It's a 3D camcorder but in the form of binoculars. The down side of this unusual camcorder is the hefty price tag, £2,605 on Sony's website, that's double the price of the JVC GS-TD1. Currently Panasonic, Sony and JVC are the only mainstream manufacturers that make 3D camcorders though several smaller manufacturers also market pocket camcorders but these are often only available online, not in retail outlets. It is unknown if any other manufacturers will market their own 3D camcorders, only time will tell.

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