Cambridge Science Park Railway Station

Cambridge Science Park railway station (or Chesterton railway station) is a proposed railway station that would be located in the Cambridge suburb of Chesterton, close to Cambridge Science Park. The official proposal from Cambridgeshire County Council, which has the backing of the rail industry, is to locate the station at Chesterton Sidings on the Fen Line, which runs from Cambridge to King's Lynn. The station would connect to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, provide an interchange with Park & Ride and for local Stagecoach bus services. Current plans proposed that construction would start in 2014 and that the station would be operational by 2015.

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Cambridgeshire Guided Busway - Future Proposals - Cambridge Science Park Railway Station
... The construction of a new railway station in the Chesterton district of Cambridge, to be known as Cambridge Science Park railway station, is due to begin in 2014 ... guided busway is due to be extended from Milton Road to reach this new station ... the necessary powers to build the extension to the new station as part of the existing legislation ...
Cambridge Science Park Railway Station - History
... to officers of the county council the station was "at risk" ... with Conservative election literature in April 2010 saying that the station would not happen ... group CAST.IRON claimed that such a station would be much cheaper, perhaps as little as £3 million if it could be constructed at the same time as ...

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