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Querétaro - History
... and Chichimecas at a hill now known as Sangremal, which was then called Ynlotepeque, and considered sacred in pre-Hispanic times ... This event is why the city is called Santiago (Saint James) de Querétaro, with James as patron saint A stone cross imitating the one the Spanish supposedly saw was erected on the hill ... Even though the area was pacified in the mid 18th century, a district called an "alcaldía mayor" was established in San José de Escandón, today in the municipality of ...
Los Angeles In Popular Culture - In Video Games
... In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas the area called Los Santos was portrayed by Los Angeles ... Noire is entirely set in 1947 Los Angeles Midnight Club II and Midnight Club Los Angeles feature various parts of the city ... Streets of LA features a large part of Los Angeles ...

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    If Los Angeles has been called “the capital of crackpots” and “the metropolis of isms,” the native Angeleno can not fairly attribute all of the city’s idiosyncrasies to the newcomer—at least not so long as he consults the crystal ball for guidance in his business dealings and his wife goes shopping downtown in beach pajamas.
    —For the State of California, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    There is a strange and mighty race of people called the Americans who are rapidly becoming the coldest in the world because of this cruel, maneating idol, lucre.
    Edward Dahlberg (1900–1977)