Calculator Applications (UIL) - List of Prior Winners - Team


NOTE: UIL did not recognize a team championship in this event until the 1988-89 scholastic year.

School Year Class A Class AA Class AAA Class AAAA Class AAAAA
1988-89 Plains Shallowater Bishop Port Neches-Groves McAllen
1989-90 Plains Shallowater Bishop Azle Converse Judson
1990-91 Sterling City Shallowater Bandera Carrizo Springs Lubbock
1991-92 San Isidro Stamford Ingleside Carrizo Springs Lubbock
1992-93 Westbrook Quanah Carrizo Springs Longview Pine Tree McAllen
1993-94 Rule Stamford Carrizo Springs Longview Pine Tree Lubbock
1994-95 Rule Stamford Bridgeport Gregory-Portland Sugar Land Elkins
1995-96 Rule Stamford Bridgeport Longview Pine Tree Sugar Land Elkins
1996-97 Henrietta Midway Plains Bridgeport Longview Pine Tree Pharr-San Juan-Alamo
1997-98 Rule Plains Santa Rosa Azle Klein
1998-99 Valley View Hamilton Santa Rosa Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Klein
1999-2000 Valley View Hamilton Bridgeport Fredericksburg McAllen
2000-01 Nazareth Elkhart Bridgeport Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Klein
2001-02 Nazareth Elkhart Bridgeport Longview Pine Tree San Antonio Southwest
2002-03 Plains Elkhart Bridgeport Longview Pine Tree San Antonio Southwest
2003-04 Henrietta Midway Argyle Bridgeport Pharr-San Juan-Alamo San Antonio Southwest
2004-05 Plains Argyle Bridgeport Longview Pine Tree Lubbock
2005-06 Garden City Argyle Bridge City Longview Pine Tree Pharr-San Juan-Alamo
2006-07 Garden City Salado Bridge City Mission Veterans Memorial Lubbock
2007-08 San Isidro Elkhart Bridge City Nederland Klein
2008-09 Lindsay Elkhart Argyle Longview Pine Tree Fort Bend Clements
2009-10 Poolville Paris Chisum Argyle Mission Veterans Memorial Galena Park North Shore
2010-11 Lindsay Elkhart Argyle Mission Veterans Memorial Galena Park North Shore

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