Cabinet of Ivo Sanader I

Cabinet Of Ivo Sanader I

The first Cabinet of Prime Minister Ivo Sanader was the Croatian Government cabinet announced on 23 December 2003. It was the 9th cabinet of Croatia, and its term ended on 12 January 2008. All but two cabinet members came from the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, following their win in the 2003 parliamentary elections (with the exception of Dragan Primorac, who was formally a non-party minister at the time of his appointment, but later joined HDZ and Vesna Škare-Ožbolt who had been a member of HDZ in the 1990s but then joined the Democratic Centre, a small centre-right party which allied with HDZ after the 2003 elections).

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Cabinet Of Ivo Sanader I - List of Ministers and Portfolios
... because the minister continued to hold the post in the following Cabinet of Ivo Sanader II and Cabinet of Jadranka Kosor ... The cabinet had two Deputy Prime Ministers Jadranka Kosor and Andrija Hebrang, who both also served as ministers of their respective portfolios ... Minister Party Portfolio Period Ivo Sanader HDZ Prime Minister 23 December 2003 – 6 July 2009 Damir Polančec HDZ Deputy Prime Minister 17 February 2005 – 12 January 2008 Andrija Hebrang HDZ Minister of Health and ...

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