Cabin Creek

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Sharon, West Virginia - Transportation
... is located on Secondary State Route 79, locally known as Cabin Creek Road ... present day along Paint Branch, however, no sign remains of the at-grade crossing of Cabin Creek Road or the trestle that crossed Cabin Creek ...
Battle Of Cabin Creek
... The Battle of Cabin Creek took place on July 1, 1863, in Mayes County, Oklahoma during the American Civil War ... As Williams approached the Cabin Creek crossing, he was informed that the Confederates, under Col ... However, due to high water on the Grand River, Cabell was unable to make it to the Cabin Creek crossing in time ...
Stampede Pass - Discovery of The Pass
... In the Autumn previous, four cabins had been built by a party under Colonel Smith's direction in suitable localities, between Thorpe's Prairie, subsequently known as Supply Camp, and a ... to these men to cross the range, and build a fifth cabin as far down Green River as practicable, and to try to meet the party exploring from the West ... the mouth of a stream which we subsequently called Canoe Creek, because we tried to make a canoe there and failed ...
Cabin Creek Ranger Residence And Dormitory
... The Cabin Creek Ranger Residence and Dormitory, also known as the Cabin Creek Ranger Station, were built in 1934 and 1935 in Sequoia National Park by the Civilian Conservation Corps ... Lost Grove and to use sequoia logs, the move to nearby Cabin Creek resulted in a change to a wood appropriate to the new location, which did not feature ...

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    The only law was that enforced by the Creek Lighthorsemen and the U.S. deputy marshals who paid rare and brief visits; or the “two volumes of common law” that every man carried strapped to his thighs.
    State of Oklahoma, U.S. relief program (1935-1943)

    It was a very lonely spirit that looked out from under those shaggy brows and comprehended men without fully communicating with them, as if, in spite of all its genial efforts at comradeship, it dwelt apart, saw its visions of duty where no man looked on.... This strange child of the cabin kept company with invisible things, was born into no intimacy but that its own silently assembling and deploying thoughts.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)