Butanone (data Page) - Thermodynamic Properties

Thermodynamic Properties

Phase behavior
Triple point 186.5 K (–86.6 °C), ? Pa
Critical point 533 K (260 °C), 4.002 MPa
Std enthalpy change
of fusion, ΔfusHo
8.44 kJ/mol
Std entropy change
of fusion, ΔfusSo
44.98 J/(mol·K)
Std enthalpy change
of vaporization, ΔvapHo
32.2 kJ/mol
Std entropy change
of vaporization, ΔvapSo
91.6 J/(mol·K)
Solid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation, ΔfHosolid
? kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
? J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp ? J/(mol K)
Liquid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation, ΔfHoliquid
–273.3 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
239.0 J/(mol K)
Enthalpy of combustion, ΔcHo –2444.2 kJ/mol
Heat capacity, cp 158.4 J/(mol K)
Gas properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation, ΔfHogas
–238.5 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
310 J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp 101.68 J/(mol K) at 25°C

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