Busytown Mysteries - Episode Titles and Airdates

Episode Titles and Airdates

Each of the following episodes consists of two cartoons.

Cartoon 1 Cartoon 2 Airdate Description
1 "The Big Apple Mystery" "The Missing Pickle Car Mystery" September 22, 2007 A giant wooden apple suddenly disappears from the fruit store sign and the gang searches for Mr. Frumble's pickle car.
2 "The Mystery Wheel" "Busytown Blue-Bottoms" September 29, 2007 Huckle, Lowly and Sally find a mysterious wheel and search for its owner and residents of Busytown find fresh paint on their clothes.
3 "The Mystery of the Lost Parrot" "The Monster Mystery" October 4, 2007 Huckle and Lowly reunite a lost parrot with its owner and Sally is convinced there's a monster loose in Busytown.
4 "The Trouble with Bubbles" "Little Orphan Egg" November 7, 2007 Busytown cars start blowing bubbles after a mistake at the gas pumps and a lost baby bird is reunited with its family.
5 "The Lighthouse Ghost Mystery" "Cornfield Confusion" November 8, 2007 Hilda Hippo thinks she sees a ghost at the lighthouse and Pig Won't gets lost in a cornfield.
6 "The Sticky Stuff Mystery" "Up, Up and Away" November 9, 2007 Glue creates a sticky situation in Busytown and Pig Won't and a hundred helium balloons disappear.
7 "Six Little Muffins" "The Crashing Cans Mystery" November 10, 2007 Hilda's fresh-baked muffins mysteriously disappear and Huckle and the gang try to determine why someone is knocking over stacks of cans in Mr. Cat's shop.
8 "The Invisible Cake Snatcher" "On the Move" November 11, 2007 Huckle, Lowly and Sally's science project vanishes from inside a locked room and Huckle helps Sally track down her missing scooter.
9 "Litterbug Busters" "There Might Be Giants" November 12, 2007 Using clues found in the litter, Huckle hunts down a litterbug and the gang sets out to prove that Busytown is not being invaded by giant robots.
10 "Where's Junior?" "The Secret Club Mystery" November 13, 2007 Huckle and his friends search for missing Junior Monkey and Huckle and his pals join a secret club.
11 "The Playground Mystery" "The Crazy Clock Mix-Up Mystery" November 14, 2007 Huckle, Lowly and Sally must figure out why playground items keep disappearing and the Busytown clocks go crazy.
12 "The Cheese Car Chomp Mystery" "Where's the Hero?" November 15, 2007 Something takes a big bite out of the Mouse family's cheese car and Huckle and his friends search for the hero who rescued Granny Goat.
13 "The Mystery of the Unbreakable Bread" "The Twisty Line Mystery" November 16, 2007 Huckle, Lowly and Sally are determined to find out why every loaf of bread in Busytown is as hard as concrete and twisty road lines create a traffic problem.
14 "Chain of Mysteries" "The Mystery of the Unfinished Painting" November 17, 2007 Someone takes drastic measures to stop the noisy squeaks in Busytown and Huckle and his friends return an unfinished portrait to the artist who lost it.
15 "The Pretty Park Mystery" "The Missing Museum Statue Mystery" November 19, 2007 Artistically trimmed bushes mysteriously appear in Busytown Park and a statue made of butter disappears from the Busytown Museum.
16 "The Vanishing Tiara Mystery" "The Postage Stamp Mystery" November 20, 2007 A trapeze artist's tiara disappears and Huckle and his pals help Mr. Frumble find his prized postage stamp.
17 "The Bank Note Mystery" "The Flying Saucer Mystery" November 21, 2007 Lowly and Sally team up to decipher a mysterious bank note's meaning and Huckle and his friends find a tiny flying saucer.
18 "The Smudged Letter Mystery" "The Mystery Present" November 22, 2007 Huckle, Lowly and Sally help Postman Pig deliver a letter with a smudged address and the gang finds a wrapped gift without a name tag.
19 "The Falling Fruit Mystery" "The Dragon Hunters" November 23, 2007 A cherry tree mysteriously drops all of its fruit and Huckle and his pals search for a dragon on the loose.
20 "The Disappearing Swimming Hole" "The Forgotten Fire Hose Mystery" November 24, 2007 When they find their favorite swimming hole empty, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to find out where the water went and the gang helps the Busytown firefighters find their missing hose.
21 "The Disappearing Home Mystery" "The Flipping, Flying, Slipping, Sliding Mystery" November 25, 2007 Everything in the Raccoon family's house disappears and Huckle and his pals try to figure out why things made of metal are flying around Busytown.
22 "The Mystery of the Unpopular Pizzeria" "The Silly Scarecrow Mystery" November 27, 2007 When a popular pizzeria closes, the reason for it is a mystery and the gang tries to prove that a scarecrow is not after Pig Will and Pig Won't.
23 "Huckle, Where's My Apple Car?" "The Dirty Laundry Mystery" November 28, 2007 Lowly's pals help him find his missing apple car; Huckle, Lowly and Sally try to uncover why strange stains are appearing.
24 "The Eight Shoes Mystery" "The Something in the Woods Mystery" November 29, 2007 Huckle, Sally and Lowly race to figure out who owns eight shoes and a mysterious creature is in the woods.
25 "The Borrowed Book Mystery" "The Mystery of the Missing Mystery Books" November 30, 2007 Sally, Huckle and Lowly investigate a mysterious smudged signature in a library book and a shipment of books goes missing.
26 "The Mystery of the High Jumper" "The Mystery of the Summer Snowman" December 1, 2007 Someone who can jump high puts advertising stickers everywhere and a snowman appears on a summer day.
27 "The Mystery of the Mumbling Mummy" "The False Alarm Mystery" The gang investigates strange voices in Busytown Museum and Huckle wants to find out why a smoke alarm keeps going off but there is no fire.
28 "The Sandcastle Squasher" "The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery" The kids' sand castle gets trampled overnight and a set of ski tracks runs on either side of a tree.
29 "The Mislaid Sketchbook Mystery" "The Hot and Cold Mystery" The gang searches for the owner of a mysterious sketchbook and a strange temperature drop turns Busytown's summer into winter.
30 "The Missing Cookie Coupon Mystery" "The Mystery of the Broken Boat"

The gang is determined to find out why coupons for free cookies fail to arrive in the mail and a model boat is mysteriously broken.

31 "The Disappearing Dolly Mystery" "The Vanishing Vehicle Mystery" Huckle and his pals help Baby Sadie find her lost doll and the gang wants to find out why cars are disappearing from a parking space.
32 "Now You See It, Now You Don't" "The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Gold" Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to discover why their mini putt balls are disappearing and gold coins Mr. Fix It found on the beach disappear.
33 "Mysterious Color-Changing T-Shirt" "The Metal Finger Mystery" The gang tries to find out why Sally's yellow T-shirt has mysteriously turned green and the children discover pieces of a large metal hand.
34 "The Mystery of the Lost Camera" "The Jellybean List Mystery" Photographs on a lost camera help Huckle and his pals find the camera's rightful owner and a jellybean list made by Sally disappears.
35 "The Vanishing Hopscotch Mystery" "The Hidden Treasure Mystery" Sally and Hilda's hopscotch game disappears and Huckle and the gang search for a priceless treasure hidden somewhere.
36 "The Busytown Lake Monster Mystery" "The Bad Driver Mystery" Lowly is convinced there is a monster loose in Busytown Lake; Huckle and his pals try to track down a bad driver.
37 "The Flattened Field Mystery" "The Flying Potatoes Mystery" A giant circle appears in the middle of a cornfield and potatoes drop from the sky in Busytown.
38 "The Red Spot Painter Mystery" "The Teeny Weeny Piano Mystery" The gang sets out to find out who is painting red spots throughout Busytown and Huckle and Sally and Lowly try to figure out who would own a tiny piano.
39 "The Lost Key Mystery" "The Door Knocker Mystery" Huckle and his pals help Mayor Fox find the ceremonial key to Busytown and the gang searches for the person who is knocking on doors.
40 "The Totally Fishy Mystery" "The Radio Message Mystery" Huckle and the gang are puzzled by a puddle full of goldfish and Sgt. Murphy's radio receives a mysterious message.
41 "The Numbered Papers Mystery" "The Sour Milk Mystery" The gang finds numbered papers blowing around the park and the milk in the store Father Cat runs is sour.
42 "The Delayed Delivery Mystery" "The Busytown Fairies Mystery" Huckle and the gang try to figure out why their pizza delivery is unusually late and Hilda Hippo thinks there are real fairies in Busytown woods.
43 "The Mystery of the Lost Bag" "The Flat Tire Mystery" A lost bag is discovered and Huckle, Lowly and Sally investigate when flat tires of Busytown cars happen everywhere.
44 "Huckle Unlocks a Mystery" "The Messy Car Mystery" Sally, Huckle and Lowly look for the lock that fits the old key they've found and Huckle and the gang are puzzled when they find chocolate sauce on Lowly's apple car.
45 "The Achoo Mystery" "The Missing Laundry Mystery" Ginormous sneezes come from Hilda when she gets into Sally; Lowly and Sally try to figure out why laundry keeps disappearing.
46 "The No News Today Mystery" "The Big Tooth Mystery" The gang investigates when the newspaper does not show up at the houses and Huckle, Sally and Lowly find a huge tooth.
47 "The Big 10 Mystery" "The Whistle Blower Mystery" Huckle, Lowly and Sally investigate a strange discovery of a big number 10 and Huckle and friends try to determine who is causing a traffic jam.
48 "The Mystery Invitation" "A Spoon Full of Mystery" Mysterious party invitations are sent out and a gigantic spoon is discovered.
49 "The Whoop Whoop Whoop Mystery" "The Missing Mayor Mystery" Strange incidents and sounds make Pig Will and Pig Won't think a hungry bat is on the loose and Mayor Fox mysteriously disappears.
50 "The Apple Orchard Spaceman Mystery" "The Pick and Run Mystery" A spaceman suddenly appears in the Busytown apple orchard and someone has taken all the red roses from Granny Goat's garden.
51 "The Sleeptown Mystery" "The Mystery of the Switched Cars" Busytown citizens fall asleep during the day and someone switches Huckle's car with another.
52 "The Admiral Hornblast's Nameplate Mystery" "The Secret Spy Ring Mystery" A nameplate about to be put on a statue of Admiral Hornblast goes missing and Pig Won't's secret spy ring disappears.

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