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Narukagami Characters

One of the strongest characters in the game - he is proficient with heavy weapons, although he can wield the other ones with no difficulty; starts in high stance with every weapon. As all strong characters, his running overhead swing is faster. Can also throw an enemy with any weapon equipped (some characters have throws dependant on a weapon), uses a yellow iron fan, which has only mediocre range and damage (but is highly noticeable on the ground) as a throwing sidearm. Other than that, has no unique attacks.

  • Mikado - starting character. Returns from Bushido Blade as well. Her supports are Sazanka and Suminagashi.

She is proficient with the naginata, and can perform a grab on enemy if equipped with it. Throws two knives; she's a lightweight, so she has trouble with heavy weapons (naginata aside), but is balanced between speed and strength when using the lighter ones. Can use special dash attacks when equipped with light swords or polearm... The only character to have unique moves (aside from throws) with the naginata poleaxe.

  • Tatsumi Takeshina - starting character. The purple-eyed boy - a little bit matured version of him from the first game. In story mode is supported by Utsusemi and Nightstalker.

Uses Daishō. His kodachi sidearm can also be thrown, dealing lethal damage and allowing fast run-up attack. Has unique attacks with any sword in the game, including the sword-dances for katana and nodachi, with the nodachi one being unique to him... Physically fast, but lacks in strength.

  • Utsusemi - unlockable character. Old man in brown kimono... Comes from original Bushido Blade slightly aged. His support character is Tatsumi.

Proficient with Japanese swords - katana and nodachi. His strength allows for good performance with broadsword as well. Similar to Tatsumi, but can use the hundred stabs move in Daishō stance, and throws with the other ones. Also, his sword-dance with Nodachi is the same as with Katana, compared to Tatsumi's unique one.

  • Red Shadow (Hotarubi) - unlockable character. A female ninja from the first Bushido Blade, who appears to be a student of Utsusemi. She is from Russia, and remains the only fair-haired female in the game. Her support characters are Kannuki and Night Stalker.

Very quick and agile. Runs faster than most characters and has an improved running attack. Can dual-wield with the long sword, with second arm being kodachi - as in other cases, it remains a one-hit-kill throwable sidearm with fast follow-up strike. Proficient with European weapons - long sword and broadsword, having unique leg swipes using both. Can perform a throw on the opponent when equipped with long sword, as well as extra dash attacks, similarly to Mikado equipped with katana.

  • Matsumushi - unlockable character. Man in purple kimono with pipe. Proficiencies are mostly the same as with Utsusemi, but cannot perform a throw on the opponent. Neither he can do a "million stabs" maneuver. Instead, Matsumushi is faster. His support characters are Suminagashi and Kannuki.
  • Suminagashi - unlockable character. Throws small bombs. Very slow, yet strong. Can throw enemy with any weapon, aside katana. Sumanagashi, being an American, speaks broken Japanese in the original Japanese release of the game. In the western release of the game, despite Sumanagashi still retaining his broken Japanese according to the script, the meaning was lost due to all of the characters having been dubbed into English. His support characters are Matsumushi and Mikado.
  • Night Stalker - unlockable character. A male ninja, he is notable for being very fast both for running and striking, as well as having the biggest sidearms count. Throws shurikens. Proficient with lighter weapons, such as katana and long sword. His support characters are Tatsumi and Red Shadow.
  • Sazanka - unlockable character. Similar to a kabuki actor, made his debut in the first Bushido Blade as a sub-boss. Proficient with a naginata. Throws knives. His support character is Mikado.
  • Tsubame - special character in a bikini who wields an M-16 rifle. Fires faster when standing. Also appeared as a sub-boss in the first game, only there she used a sword.
  • "Clown" - special character. This is the "clown character" for the Narukagami clan.

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