Burrowes - H



Not strictly a family, but rather one of the three 'breeds' of hobbits. The name is derived from 'hair-foot'.


Hobbits of the Eastfarthing. The name means 'fence-guard' and refers to an occupation of inspecting fences and assuring that cattle do not stray. The name 'Hayward' may also have its origins in the title of the officers who were responsible for overseeing the harvesting of crops on Medieval manors.


The maiden name of Malva Brandybuck.


The Westron form of Cotton.


A name found only in the form 'Old Farmer Hogg' in the poem Perry-the-Winkle.


Shire hobbits primarily found in the Southfarthing. The name was derived from an old family occupation. Tobold Hornblower, Old Toby was the first to introduce pipe-weed in the Shire.

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